One of our guests has died Serena Bortone shocking news

“One of our guests has died” Serena Bortone, shocking news for Today is another day Newsby

Serena Bortone made an unexpected announcement in a recent episode of Today is another day: the news shocked all Italian viewers who were left speechless upon hearing the words.

The well-known TV show – moderated by Bortone as always – knew immediately Win the hearts of thousands of fans. In fact, the program’s followers can’t help but stay glued to the small screen to discover all the surprises and the various twists and turns that are revealed episode after episode. However, a great loss was recently announced, causing great sadness to all present.

Serena Bortone mourns Today is another day (photo loop)

The character suddenly disappeared and has left a huge void in the world of Italian music. The news came at close range, and many mourn his death.

Serena Bortone announces the death of a guest

During the episode of Today is Another Day, which aired on Thursday, February 16, Bortone had to deal with a horrific announcement that shook the hearts of all viewers. In fact, Alberto Radius passed away, who was a very frequent guest of the famous Rai talk show. “Bad news came this morning,” said the presenter, “Alberto Radius has died, who was our guest on September 7 last year”.

Serena Bortone wanted then Homage to this great artist, who is loved by many and has worked with numerous personalities from the world of entertainment for many years. In fact, the host recalled the interview she had with Radius, which she called “an amazing interview.” The same has also been revealed by the late musician among his many experiences He was also Lucio Battisti’s drummer in the song time to die.

There was then a long round of applause, with which the presenter and those present in the studio wanted to remember Radius, whose disappearance was left behind a huge gap in thousands of people.

Who was Alberto Radius?

Born in 1942, Radius was one of the most popular musical figures in Bel Paese. He was namely the guitarist and singer of Formula 3 the rock group that was mainly active in the 60’s and 70’s and which he co-founded with drummer Tony Cicco and keyboardist Gabriele Lorenz. The same has also become famous for accompanying Lucio Battisti on many of his live shows. The group he founded has over the years shaped, melted and then shaped againbut in this last period Radius had embarked on the path of producer and musician of various songwriters.

Who was Alberto Radius?

In fact, he recently appeared at the Sanremo Festival 2021 accompanying the Coma_Cose during the cover night, interpreting the song Il mio canto libero by Lucio Battisti. The musician died at the age of 80 after a long illness he had struggled and which he had handled very privately.