One of YouTubes biggest stars just got banned from Twitch

One of YouTube’s biggest stars just got banned from Twitch. What happened? –

News Culture One of YouTube’s biggest stars just got banned from Twitch, what happened?

Published on 05/12/2023 at 10:45 am

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Streamers are currently threatened with bans on Twitch. Among the various reasons, we can mention the counterattack by rights holders on content of the “reaction” type or on old formats that are being redistributed on the Amazon platform. Recently, one of the greatest YouTubers would have been sanctioned for this very useful technique that allowed him to be live… without actually being!

When YouTube legends make their comeback on Twitch

Out of personal choice, some of the biggest content creators in the world have decided to go out of business. This choice is sometimes difficult for their most loyal subscribers to accept, even if some content creators have found the perfect technique to be present on distribution platforms… without actually being there. Last March, the many followers of PewDiePie, the former major YouTube star before it is overtaken by this content creator Whoever chained the cards was surprised to find he was active again…on Twitch! A remarkable comeback, although the latter continues to publish videos on his YouTube channel in which he shares his new life in Japan, acting more and more in the middle.

last march, gotagaalso called “French Monster”, had organized a live on his Twitch channel with Diablox9one of the first major YouTubers who became extremely popular on the Google platform in the early 2010s. After a few years, the content creator decided to take a step back for professional reasons. although he never stopped thinking about YouTube since that sudden departure from the platform. Unlike PewDiePie, it’s unclear if this one will return to the platform regularly. But at least he wasn’t banned!

PewDiePies Twitch Channel Temporarily Suspended!

without warning PewDiePies Twitch Channeldormant for several years woke up suddenly on March 21st broadcasting… episodes of Trailer Park Boys. Among the 1.5 million followers watching his channel’s activity, we were beginning to believe that he had just been the victim of an unfortunate and possibly malicious hack. Only a little later, a kind of endless loop with old content from the star youtuber began to rotate on the channel. In reality, PewDiePie planned it all ! When the Twitch channel was relaunched, he had downloaded several thousand hours of video material – an estimated even more than 3000! – but there may have been errors in the loop…

Thanks to the “PewDiePie Infinity” loop, the most loyal subscribers and newcomers, who were then far too young to follow his adventures, had the pleasure of seeing him (again) at the time of his streams on Minecraft, his Let’s Play On terrifying video games and many other titles of widely varying popularity. That being said, no problem, fans discovered on May 9 that his channel had just been temporarily sanctioned by Twitch. ! Currently stopped, the circumstances of the ban are still unclear, but subscribers have tried to investigate. After careful consideration, the most likely clue might be a “strike” after a problematic passage – Some mention a racial slur during a live performance on PUBG – in one of the broadcast content, even when other subscribers choose to do so instead a concern related to the redistribution rights of his old YouTube videos. We bet this story will be resolved quickly and the loop can resume to the delight of its most nostalgic followers.