One year of war in Ukraine nothing is like before

One year of war in Ukraine: nothing is like before

Tens of thousands dead, millions of refugees, global turmoil: how a year of war hit Ukraine and changed the world.

Vienna/Berlin. The Americans feared that if they were attacked, things would happen quickly. It would take the Russians three days to take Kiev. It happened differently. The capital is currently beyond the reach of the Russian invaders, the war is approaching its first anniversary and there is no end in sight. The audience looks at the “picture of the situation”: they hear the names of Ukrainian villages at the front and always new debates about Western weapons. But if you’re not mistaken, looking at the current situation, the full monstrous extent of Putin’s invasion is lost: the tens of thousands of families this war has torn apart and the masses of people it has turned into refugees, for example. Provisional balance attempt.

dying in front

Can the horror at the front be poured into figures? The casualty numbers should be viewed with caution. Because the fog of war hangs over Ukraine, but also because statistics are always weapons. Both parties to the conflict underestimate their own casualties.