Open doors to the United States

Open doors to the United States

Consistency is faster than speed. So says Maxime Gendreau, Co-President of Garaga. And that’s probably the reason for the success of Garaga, the Canadian leader in the manufacture of garage doors.

The company is strengthening its position in the American market with a recent acquisition in Minnesota.

Consistency is that of continuous improvement and controlled growth, words the entrepreneur repeated several times in an interview. Since 1983, the Gendreaus have been patiently and discreetly going their own way.

“We value humility at Garaga, but we’re proud of what we’re achieving. We’re not extravagant,” says Maxime, who, together with his twin brother Martin, runs the company that was founded in 1983 by their father Michel in Saint-Georges de Beauce.

The acquisition of North Central Door in Minnesota gives Garaga access to a distribution network of 150 retail locations across the northern United States. The acquired plant will offer complementary products to those of Garaga, which will facilitate the export of Quebec-made doors.

Four years ago, Garaga made another strategic acquisition in Oklahoma. And there will certainly be a sequel, but no rush. The Gendreaus are initially taking the time to understand their new facility and want to help it achieve its goals and those of Garaga.

Going up quickly like in a game of snakes and ladders, with the danger of falling just as quickly, is not Gendreau’s thing. They prefer to set foot on solid stairs and climb one step at a time.

marketing strategy

The Beauce company owes much of its growth to a brilliant marketing strategy. Because it is more than a manufacturer. In Canada, it has built a network of independent professionals among retailers and provides marketing services, promotional programs and e-commerce that greatly facilitate retailers’ work and promote the sale of Garaga products.

“We will also be able to bring this into the American sales networks,” says Maxime.

In fact, Garaga is a master at making himself indispensable. The quality and variety of the products is an ingredient in the recipe. The rest is service and techno.

labor and inflation

The biggest challenge of the next few years? workforce. However, telecommuting has allowed Garaga to hire talent outside of Beauce, and they come into headquarters once a week or once a month, depending on the position. The recruitment pool has therefore grown. Then there is inflation. The price of steel has skyrocketed, as has that of insulation.

“We have no choice but to follow the market and we have doubled prices in a year. It’s impossible for the entire industry to do otherwise,” says Maxime, who takes on the challenges one at a time and says he has good support.

The complementarity with his brother Martin, who focuses his efforts on finance and the distribution network, is well established.

“As twins, we don’t need to talk to each other to understand each other! We live the Co-Presidency very well and we don’t have time for quibbles, there is a lot to do,” says Maxime, Head of Manufacturing Operations and Marketing.


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