Oriana Marzoli dresses Shein at GF Vip fans in ecstasy

Oriana Marzoli dresses Shein at GF Vip, fans in ecstasy: “One of us”

For the episode of Big Brother VIP Broadcast on Canale 5 on Thursday 16 February Oriana Marzoli he left Elisabetta Franchi’s clothes in the closet. In fact, ever since she entered the most spied on house in Italy, the Venezuelan influencer has always worn the tracksuits and mini dresses by the well-known Romagna designer. One of the most popular creatives in Italy and abroad. However, for one evening, gieffina has decided to focus on a more affordable brand, currently the most popular low-cost brand: bill.

Oriana Marzoli emphasized her well-trained body a solid color halterneck dress with a slit hem of the Chinese company that is depopulating in Italy and abroad. In reality, it’s nothing new for the former flame of Antonino Spinalbese: in the past, through his very popular Instagram account, he has several times invited followers to buy Shein clothes with discount codes.

Oriana Marzoli completed the look with a white shirt, belted waist and black sandals. The price of the Shein dress? Eight euros! That’s right: the 30-year-old’s piece of clothing doesn’t even cost ten euros. “Oriana one of us wearing Shein,” someone wrote on Instagram, complimenting Marzoli.

Due to the extremely competitive prices, many a Choose Shein even if the brand has several dark sides, as highlighted in a recent documentary…

The Shein investigation

According to a poll by Channel 4, a British television network, Sheins workers would receive 4 cents each (they produce at least 500 a day) and the workday would last 18 hours. Also, they would only have one day off a month and no breaks during the day, forcing employees to wash their hair at lunchtime.

The video investigation, titled Shein Untold: Inside the Shein Machine, also revealed that the monthly salary would be high approx. 4,000 yuan (approx. 550 euros) that would be withheld in the first month. After all, the seamstresses would be deprived of two-thirds of their daily wages for every mistake they made.

According to the latest market data Shein’s sales increased by 250% Reaching $10 billion year after year. Generation Z kids (those born after 1997) shop the most on the site: In May it was the app most downloaded shopping cart supplant on Android and iOS in the US Amazon.