1676730475 Oriana Marzoli rails against a GF Vip author who asked

Oriana Marzoli rails against a GF Vip author who asked her to go to the confessional

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Slips of Oriana Marzoli losing patience with an author of Big Brother Vip who had asked her to go to the confessional: “What a pain in the ass ***”.

Oriana Marzoli rails against a GF Vip author who asked

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

A slip committed by Oriana Marzoli could end up among the topics of the next episode of Big Brother VIP. The protagonist is the Venezuelan candidate, one of the favorites of the home crowd. Oriana undermined the competition that consisted of Antonino Spinalbese, Nikita Pelizon and Antonella Fiordelisi in the last televoting and gained immunity from the public vote that chose her favorite. The undeniable likeability and ability to create dynamism even through the quarrels with his roommates, thanks to direct character and the ability to hold the scene, gripped the viewers. But in the last few hours, Oriana’s openness has pushed her to push the boundaries of what’s “allowed.” And it could be worth a scolding from host Alfonso Signorini in the next episode of the reality show, which airs on Monday February 20.

Oriana to an author of Gf Vip: “What a pain in the ass ***”

Marzoli was in the garden with Daniele Dal Moro and Nicole Murgia when an author asked them to go to the confessional. Oriana lost patience at this request. “What a nuisance***! I made a confession earlier. What a nuisance**, really. Enough!”.

Oriana Marzoli is among the favorites of the GF Vip audience

Apart from a forgivable excess, Oriana remains one to the crowd favorites by Big Brother Vip. This is shown by the result of the last televoting in which she was involved, which ended with a clear victory for the Venezuelan over her challengers. Entering without enjoying the same popularity as her roommates, at least in Italy, Oriana has been able to bridge the distances by establishing herself as a key character in this installment of the reality show. A conquest that could give you access to the final stages of the game.