Orochi’s Vida Cara album will be the rapper’s final album

Orochis Vida Cara album will be the rappers final album

Artist wants to expand Trap BR.

This Monday (9) the rapper Orochi released his new album VIDA CARA. The project has 23 songs and several special guest appearances, such as Trippie Redd, Russ, BK, Djonga, Filipe Ret, Baco, Tasha and Tracie and much more. The artist raised a lot of expectations with the album’s release, making the album’s name one of the most commented on topics on Twitter. What few people know is that this will be the artist’s last album.

In October, the rapper made the reveal himself in a video on social media. “VIDA CARA will be MY LAST ALBUM… I have this thought because I believe there are things that can be achieved beyond imagining, things beyond what the eyes can see. I need to broaden my thinking to fulfill my mission here, I understand my goal better and better. To bring prosperity, confidence, freedom, vision, expanding consciousness, happiness, expressing blocked feelings, healing and guiding others like me,” he began to explain.


“And for expansion and evolution, I need to disconnect to learn and revolutionize again. The vision is to cross the border that exists artistically in our country. When it comes to taking care of myself and taking the next step in life, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop making music,” he said.

Though he’s no longer releasing albums, the artist claims he will remain 100% involved in hiphop culture. Orochi wants to continue to strengthen the trap scene here in Brazil, continuing one of his greatest goals in life.

“I will continue to focus on Mainstreet and growing Trap BR as a whole. The main goal is always the next step. The question is, once you have achieved all life goals, what is the next step? That’s the answer I’m looking for,” he said at the time.

Check out the artist’s statement below.