Oscars 2023 The academy will look into whether Andrea Riseboroughs

Oscars 2023: The academy will look into whether Andrea Riseborough’s campaign was illegal

THE Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced this Friday (27) that it will verify that the campaign of the names nominated for the Oscar 2023 respects the statute of the organization regarding the promotion of titles and actors. The organization issued a statement after PUCK announced that the dissemination methods supported the candidacy Andrea Riseboroughwho received a Best Actress nomination were polled by people within the organization itself.

In an official statement (via THR), the academy said it was conducting a review of procedures to ensure no guidelines were violated. “And to let us know if policy changes might be needed in a new era of social media and digital communications. We have faith in the integrity of our nomination and voting processes and support genuine grassroots campaigns for exceptional achievement,” the statement concluded without directly mentioning the British actress’ name.

The issue will be discussed next Tuesday (31st) during the meeting of the organization’s board of directors.

According to the website, the bylaws for the awards show state that it is strictly forbidden to “contact members of the academy directly and in a manner outside the scope of the rules to promote a film or performance for Oscar consideration.” . The campaign for Risenborough was essentially carried out through social media posts from actors and dinners hosted by the likes Courtney Cox, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and other.

Another point where the campaign broke the rules for the actress was that Maria McCormackDirector’s wife Michael Morrisand several friends emailed the award voters to see the film and nominate Riseborough.

In 2014, the Academy revoked a nomination for the composer Bruce Broughton and his song “Alone Yet Not Alone” from the film of the same name, because it was found that he had put “undue pressure” on more than 70 members of the Academy’s musical wing voters to nominate the song. In addition, Broughton was a former representative of the Board of Governors, and another rule states that song submissions must be anonymous to avoid undue influence.

However, the board’s statement on Broughton at the time could also apply to Riseborough: “The Academy aims to do everything possible to ensure a level playing field for all potential Oscar nominees including those who do not have access, knowledge or influence of one.” longstanding member of the Academy”.

The 95th Academy Awards is planned March 12, 2023 and present Jimmy Kimmelwho takes on the role for the third time.

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