1675528826 Osores assures that the U has signed a millionaire deal

Osores assures that the ‘U’ has signed a millionaire deal with GolPerú and Gonzalo Núñez ‘explodes’

Osores assures that the U has signed a millionaire deal

Journalist Erick Osores said the link between Universitario and the TV station will last until 2040. For his part, Gonzalo pointed against the cream lead.

Universitario de Deportes meets Cantolao on his League 1 debut in 2023; However, in the last few hours he has been in the news for his position on broadcast rights. After a few weeks, they indicated that they would not play league 1, the Cremes decided to appear in play around date 3 of the inaugural tournament. The news was confirmed by manager Jean Ferrari, who assured that the Meringues had signed a new historic deal with GolPerú that would end the club’s financial woes.

In this context, the journalist Erick Osores revealed the amount of the multi-million dollar contract that the “U” has with the sports medium and how long it will run. According to the communicator’s sources, this new connection would last until 2040 and would be worth around $10 million.

“The university contract is 9 million. According to my sources, it will also run until 2040. That is why I am surprised that such a long contract is unimaginable, because it is a silver that is not real, but it is the market, the supply and the demand. But what I question is if the university at the beginning says that’s my position, I have a two-year contract, then don’t get in. His position was surfing, where he’s going to do that.” , he explained on his YouTube channel.

On the other hand, his partner and colleague Gonzalo Núñez disagreed with the Creme leadership position and “exploited” against it as they initially supported the cause of not playing the game. league 1, and then they changed their mind.

“His word isn’t worth a mango (…). He didn’t show up until the end. Where was he? Hidden,” said the former “Football in America” ​​host while Erick Osores revealed the contract details.

University vs. Cantolao: time and channel of the match for League 1

The match University vs. Cantolao Date 3 of the Inaugural Tournament will be played at Monumental Stadium this Saturday, February 4th from 3:30pm. This match will not be televised by GolPerú due to the precautionary measure taken by the FPF, for which the Cream Club has announced that they will broadcast it on their YouTube channel.