1706601657 OT Gala 9 Favorites and favoritism in Operacion Triunfo

“OT” Gala 9: Favorites and favoritism in “Operación Triunfo”

OT Gala 9 Favorites and favoritism in Operacion Triunfo

Of all the achievements not recognized in the new journey of Operación Triunfo on Amazon Prime, none is as commendable as the fact that Omar Montes managed to get through his stage without saying anything stupid. His stupid advice on Christmas Eve is already another tradition like Pedroche's dress on New Year's Eve. While one year he urged his followers to buy gold, the next year he encouraged them to speculate in drinking water, “because it is a scarce commodity and only a third of it can be drunk, while the other comes from the sea and cannot be drunk.” (sic). Omar's final piece of advice was even more disturbing: He urged his fans to read about stoicism because it helped him get up early. AIs will be able to replace human intelligence, but they will have a hard time emulating this level of stupidity. One day we will distinguish humans from robots thanks to the Montes test, the Voight-kampff test for trospids. During his duet with Abraham Mateo, it was hilarious, or rather very sad, that the show bothered to mark a celebratory “live voice” in the corner of the screen while we heard a festival of autotune, the Valencia filter of the human voice, a very valid effect, but grotesque in a program where votes are formed and lack of coordination is punished.

OT's Gallic novel is the first to be broadcast after the participants leave for their record signings, an event common to all editions and which raises an inevitable question: where do fans listen to the CDs they purchase after miles in queues? Has anyone seen a CD in recent years – it sounds so old, like talking about maravedíes – used for something other than driving away pigeons? From those times when the CD was the leading support, Ángel Llacer, the most charismatic of the former OT professors, visited the academy and, like a ghost of Christmas past, left disturbing messages, the most important of which was a laconic “What's worth here?” It's not worth it outside. In other words: The folders, the programs and the punishment guarantee TV minutes and tweets galore, but do not sell albums or concert tickets.

For once, Manu Guix had a relaxed evening, the nominees opted for rhythm and not vibrato ballads and closed eyes. To stay in the academy, Álvaro invoked I Want Love by Jessie J. and from a platform that would have given him Azerbaijan's twelve points, he showed that he is the Divo we need, but perhaps we need don't deserve. For his part, Paul was simply Paul, the artist with the most personality to experience this year's edition. With a sober staging and only supported by his talent, he managed the music session number 57 of Bizarrap with Milo J. and maybe he won't win the competition, but he received the praise via telematics from the Argentine producer and it's hard to say what he is most happy about.

After the nominees came Martin, who performed “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins and danced like Kevin Bacon, or maybe like Kenny Wormald, because thanks to Chenoa we know he saw the film, but not whether it was the eighties classic or his unforgettable remake from 2011. Martin He sang and danced correctly and enchantingly, as he does everything, without surprises and with the certainty that if he were nominated he would be rescued by the teachers, the students, the public or Jeff Bezos on the back of a white horse. In OT there are favorites and also favoritism, how else could one explain that Juanjo once again played a ranchera, La Cigarra, one of those songs that he himself would have chosen for the greater fame of his loud jotero voice. The master shared the stage with the master Naiara, a competitor who, like Paul, makes him regret that someone with so much talent has to take part in a competition to be successful. Abraham Mateo, who not only appeared as a guest star but also served as a jury member, took advantage of the fact that the Ebro passes through Zaragoza to request collaboration; it won't be the last thing he'll be asked to do.

Release versions

Ruslana had everything to take the stage with Måneskin's energetic begging, but appeared to be suffering from what is known in tennis as “petit bras”, a shrinkage of the arm that traps tennis players when they start to think victory is possible hold. Or maybe it's because Ruslana can't grow from singing other people's covers anymore. Lucas couldn't do anything either, as he was trapped in a set halfway between the Primor and a dental clinic waiting room where he had to squeeze out “Nothing Will Change My Love for You” by Glenn Medeiros. A ballad so leaden that it just begs you to part with it for other reasons, like checking out what would have been in that era of the Hawaiian one-hit wonder and finding out that he's now a teacher has just over three thousand followers on Instagram and there is no trace of the idol who covered folders in the eighties anymore. Despite that, or perhaps because of that, he seems to be a pretty happy man, good for Glenn.

Next, the rite of passage for all musical talent was fulfilled and River Deep, Mountain High by Ike and Tina Turner was played, which Bea defended with enthusiasm and, for the first time, a proper wardrobe: it was refreshing to see her clothed and not disguised by these huge ones costumes. They only fit Kingpin and no one bothered to iron them.

Chiara, lost in a set halfway between The Squid Game's VIP section and a swingers club, had to end the performances with the beautiful Kill Bill by SZA, which sounded flat and without nuance because Chiara is Mallory Towers' most privileged student , but not someone you'd think would have their ex buried in the basement. Perfection and excitement rarely go well together.

It was time to hear the results of the votes, and it wasn't exactly a surprise. The audience is beautiful, smart and Álvaromayista and no one in the academy has experienced such an obvious evolution as Álvaro Mayo, but he met Paul, a candidate who did not have to evolve too much because an artist has already arrived and 61% of them The votes guaranteed him another week in the competition.

Buika moment

And then came the Buika moment. Because we can pretend we care about the rest of the jury, but we know that if they placed three extras next to them every week, we wouldn't even notice. She is the big discovery of the edition and cannot be discouraged at any gala. He showed that you can be a TV character without being a character, that you can be steadfast without being rude, and that you can have it all without losing sight of professionalism. But not even the most convinced Buikistas will be able to justify their double standards of yesterday. While most of us in the audience found Paul's performance so stunning that it wouldn't have been out of place at a paid-for concert, the judges felt that his desire to sing and dance at the same time Having gained the upper hand, he “boycotted his vote”. When you hear that Juanjo wore nine outfits in crooner mode at the Superbowl last week and his four maintenance gymnastics moves received more praise than Shakira, you start to wonder if there isn't a certain amount of favoritism on the show. It was the teachers who acted as good police and saved Paul, and the students did the same with Ruslana, who was nominated again for such crucial reasons, above all, because she was neither Juanjo nor Martín. Next week the audience will have to choose between Chiara, with whom things have been going downhill since the Zero Gala, and Lucas, aka lucaslucaslucas, with whom things have been going uphill. The supporters of both began to show their weapons on the networks at the end of the gala. While the Uruguayans asked for transoceanic help, the Kiki asked for the support of the lesbian power, which this week must redouble its efforts to bring Marlena to the finale of the Benidorm festival. How hard is it to be a fan.

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