1703926397 Our Week 17 Predictions Worst of 2023 in the NFL

Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

Each end of the season coincides with the announcement of the winners of major individual awards in the NFL. As 2023 comes to an end, let's go the other way for a change and have a little laugh with a look back at the worst of the year that is coming to a close. You have options!

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Worst offensive player

Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

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It's hard not to “reward” Chiefs receiver Kadarius Toney! Every year for the last three years he has been presented to us as an improved player with enormous potential for the big game. He finally proved that this season, but not in a good way. His numerous mistakes, including several dropped passes, literally resulted in big plays for the opponent. Against the Lions and the Patriots, two passes that went through his hands ended in interceptions. The most annoying thing is that he often sneaks away and has to blame his teammates for his mistakes. It's hard to believe that he will see the light of day in the series.

Worst head coach

Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

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There may be some debate about this prestigious award, but our winner is Josh McDaniels of the Raiders. The Raiders have become unrecognizable with a 4-3 record since his departure and have not scored a goal in a game. McDaniels' record before his firing was 3-5, his players looked uninspired and the offense scored just 15.7 points per game. Anyone here making the case for Brandon Staley's strong candidacy with the Chargers would also be heard. The Chargers are one of the big disappointments of the season and Staley is one of the culprits. When you think about it, McDaniels and Staley are pretty evenly matched in this exciting race.

Worst free agent

Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

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There are still a few top candidates in this brilliant category. Drumroll, our pick is receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster. The Patriots hired him by giving him $25.5 million (16 guaranteed) for three years. All for 29 receptions, 260 yards and a touchdown. He was even left out of the lineup a few times despite being healthy. It's unbelievable how high he fell, the JuJu! Other players who deserve honorable mention include Saints quarterback Derek Carr, Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and Chiefs tackle Jawaan Taylor.

Worst game

Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

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Here we crown the exciting 3-0 duel that the Vikings won against the Raiders without the slightest competition. The only excitement in this match was to see if it would be 0-0 for the first time since 1941. Besides, it was disgusting.

Worst quarterback management

Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

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The Jets deserve the award. Okay, they weren't lucky when Aaron Rodgers went down in his first series, but they held on to Zach Wilson for too long and, more importantly, they never lifted a finger to get a better reserve than poor Tim Boyle. When we see how good other reserves have looked elsewhere, we come to the conclusion that the Jets were still “all wrong.”

Worst “Drama Queen”

Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

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It's sad that Patrick Mahomes ends up in our Lemon Awards, but it's deserved. The Chiefs quarterback is right to not be in a good mood, but he needs to learn to wash his dirty laundry with his family. He yells at the refs, he yells at his offensive linemen, he insults his receivers and constantly complains. We love Mahomes, but enough is enough! Some will say that Tom Brady did the same and was still revered for his competitive spirit. My answer is that I admire Brady, but I also don't admire his mood swings. Mahomes is capable of more.

Worst award

Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

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The Lions won one major league title in 30 years, and the organization, sensing good business, commanded an average season ticket increase of 36% next year. Unfortunately, the law of supply and demand applies in sports, but it's a shame for fans who have experienced all sorts of disasters over the years and see that happiness immediately comes with a hefty bill.




NY Jets in Cleveland BROWN



Detroit at Dallas (8:15 p.m.) COWBOYS



Miami at Baltimore (1 p.m.) RAVENS

New England at Buffalo (1 p.m.) BILLS

Atlanta at Chicago (1 p.m.) FALCONS

Tennessee at Houston (1 p.m.) TEXAN

Las Vegas at Indianapolis (1 p.m.) robber

Caroline in Jacksonville (1 p.m.) JAGUARS

LA Rams at NY Giants (1 p.m.) RAMS

Arizona at Philadelphia (1 p.m.) EAGLE

New Orleans at Tampa Bay (1 p.m.) PRIVATE

San Francisco to Washington (1 p.m.) 49ERS

Pittsburgh at Seattle (4:05 p.m.) SEAHAWKS

LA Chargers at Denver (4:25 p.m.) BRONCOS

Cincinnati at Kansas City (4:25 p.m.) Chiefs

Green Bay, Minnesota (8:20 p.m.) VIKINGS

LAST WEEK'S RESULTS: 10 out of 16 (62.5%)

OVERALL THIS SEASON: 154 out of 240 (64.2%)


Detroit Lions (11-4) vs. Dallas Cowboys (10-5)


Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb will look to create magic in Dallas. Getty Images via AFP

Even if I repeat myself: the bipolar cowboys are invincible at home and mediocre on the road. This Saturday night matchup takes place in Dallas, where they have comfortably won their last 15 games, including all seven this season. The Lions arrive on the back of their first league title in 30 years, but are in danger of playing with upstart syndrome. Despite their win last Sunday, their defense was peppered by Nick Mullens. Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb will celebrate. Cowboys at 10

Miami Dolphins (11-4) vs. Baltimore Ravens (12-3)


Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

Jalen Ramsey helped transform the Dolphins' defense. Getty Images via AFP

It's the most compelling matchup of the week between the most explosive air attack on the stretch and a Ravens defense that allows just 185.7 yards per game. Since the middle of the season, when cornerback Jalen Ramsey returned to action, the Dolphins have also performed excellently on defense. Traditionally, however, the Dolphins look bad in inclement December weather and Jaylen Waddle will be out. The Ravens have the opportunity to confirm their first place in the conference. Ravens at 3

New England Patriots (4-11) vs. Buffalo Bills (9-6)


Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

Receiver Stefon Diggs has been forgotten in recent weeks. Getty Images via AFP

If there's one thing the Bills need to prove, it's a killer instinct. Even when they are playing better, they too often allow their rivals to hang on in games where they should deliver the final blow. Ten of their duels were decided by possession. They want revenge for the loss to the Patriots in October. Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs need to find their chemistry again. The receiver hasn't reached 100 yards in his last nine games and has scored just three touchdowns in that streak. Invoices by 13

Atlanta Falcons (7-8) vs. Chicago Bears (6-9)


Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

Bijan Robinson is a running and passing threat against the Bears. Getty Images via AFP

The Falcons are still fighting for the lead in the South Division, but they can't afford to fall out of this game. Last week, Taylor Heinicke brought the aerial game back to life, even without shining. The Bears are only giving up 3.6 yards per carry. However, the other teams have hurt them with their attacks in the air game, a facet in which Heinicke excels alongside Bijan Robinson. The Falcons' defense has given up 16 points or fewer in four of their last five games. Falcons at 2

Tennessee Titans (5-10) vs. Houston Texans (8-7)


Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

CJ Stroud has missed the Texans' last two games. Getty Images via AFP

Relief for the Texans, their quarterback CJ Stroud will be back. Titans camp also marks a return for their quarterback Will Levis from an ankle injury. The Texans had the upper hand over their division rivals two weeks ago despite half their team being in the hospital. There is no reason to believe that they will come through the second match with an improved lineup. The Texans are still in the race for their division. Texans at 4

Las Vegas Raiders (7-8) vs. Indianapolis Colts (8-7)


Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

Antonio Pierce is the players' favorite to be the Raiders' interim coach. Getty Images via AFP

Antonio Pierce is now the 4-3 interim coach of the Raiders. Five times his defense did not concede more than 20 points. It is clear that the players are working hard to ensure that the interim tag is removed at the end of the season. The Colts just gave up six sacks to the Falcons and Maxx Crosby will be tough to contain. Colts running back Jonathan Taylor has averaged less than three yards per carry in three of his last four games. Raiders from 1

Carolina Panthers (2-13) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-7)


Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

Calvin Ridley and the Jaguars need to find a way to bounce back. Getty Images via AFP

The Jaguars can clinch their division title if the Texans and Colts win and lose. Before they enlist the help of other teams, they must first help themselves by breaking their four-game losing streak with ten turnovers. Their comfortable finish to the schedule against the Panthers and Titans helps them. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence won't play, but even CJ Beathard can make the Panthers look bad. Jaguars at 8

Los Angeles Rams (8-7) vs. New York Giants (5-10)


Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

Kyren Williams is one of the Rams' up-and-coming players. Getty Images via AFP

The Rams are one to watch with five wins in six games. The only loss was narrowly against the Ravens. The offense scored at least 30 points in four of those six games. On the ground, Kyren Williams established himself as one of the good carriers with three straight games of at least 100 yards. That's good, because the Giants' papier-mâché defense has given up more than 100 yards on the ground 13 times this season. Tyrod Taylor takes over the quarterback position for the G-Men, but can't do anything about it. Rams at 7

Arizona Cardinals (3-12) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (11-4)


Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

Jonathan Gannon, Cardinals head coach and former Eagles defensive coordinator. Getty Images via AFP

There has been bad blood between these two teams since the Cardinals hired Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon as head coach. The Eagles believe Gannon and the Cards lacked transparency and will try to make them look bad. The offense will have no trouble winning against a bottomless defense, but when it comes to defense, the Eagles will need to get their act together quickly as they have allowed an average of 30.8 points in their last five games. Eagles at 14

New Orleans Saints (7-8) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-7)


Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

Baker Mayfield is making his admirers happy these days. Getty Images via AFP

With a win, the Buccaneers secure their third championship title in a row. It's not often glorious in this division, but the achievement remains. The happiest would be quarterback Baker Mayfield, who would receive a million-dollar bonus if this scenario occurs. He has been on fire for three weeks with eight touchdown passes. He also threw three against the Saints in a first duel in October. The saints are always capable of the best, the worst, and the truly worst. Buccaneers at 2

San Francisco 49ers (11-4) vs. Washington Commanders (4-11)


Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

Jacoby Brissett returns as the starting quarterback. Getty Images via AFP

The Commanders will hand the ball over to veteran Jacoby Brissett as long as his leg injury heals. Sam Howell has been playing like hell for two weeks, but what difference will dropping the youngster make at this point in the season? Win another game? What will they gain, a lower spot in the draft? Head coach Ron Rivera will be out in two weeks, so it's not about saving his job either. In short, the Commanders offense should perform better, but never enough to beat the Niners. 49ers par 17

Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7) vs. Seattle Seahawks (8-7)


Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

DK Metcalf has made a lot of big plays for the Seahawks over the last few weeks. Photo AFP

The Seahawks have won their last two games on touchdown passes in the final seconds. There's a parallel universe where the Seahawks can confirm their playoff spot with a win…in addition to a tie between the Packers and Vikings. We agree that the chances are slim, but when it comes to contributing to victory, they have the means. The Steelers' offense has woken up to Mason Rudolph, but two weeks online it's hard to believe. The Steelers score 15.8 points per game on the road. Seahawks up 3

Los Angeles Chargers (5-10) vs. Denver Broncos (7-8)


Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

Jarrett Stidham will get his third career start. Getty Images via AFP

This is the Broncos' first game with Russell Wilson on the bench. The most ironic thing is that when Jarrett Stidham takes his job, it's the same Stidham who put on the same cleats a year ago when the Raiders had enough of Derek Carr. Stidham has also done very well and it's easy to imagine a similar scenario against the Chargers' defense, which ranks 30th against the pass. Time for a quarterfinal duel between Jarrett Stidham and Easton Stick! It's such a season in the NFL…Broncos by 3

Cincinnati Bengals (8-7) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (9-6)


Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

Zac Taylor has had the Chiefs' number for the past few years. Getty Images via AFP

The Bengals have been the bane of the Chiefs in recent years. With Zac Taylor leading the way, the Tigers' record is 3-1 against the Chiefs. However, without Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase, the picture looks different. There is a risk that the attack will lack penetration. However, the Chiefs have lost four of their last six games and their sideline has become a real soap opera thanks to the nervous breakdowns of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. The attack is desperate for guidance and finding it will be difficult. Chiefs at 4

Green Bay Packers (7-8) vs. Minnesota Vikings (7-8)

A recruit for the position

Our Week 17 Predictions: Worst of 2023 in the NFL

As a fifth-round pick in the last draft, quarterback Jaren Hall has the chance to showcase himself. Getty Images via AFP

The final matchup of the weekend will be crucial for the playoff situation as two division rivals still hold on to hopes of reaching the tournament. The Vikings are relying on rookie quarterback Jaren Hall, who has only started one game this season but is athletic and can surprise. What works in their favor is that they are 5-2 in their last seven games in Minnesota against the Packers. What also helps them is that the Packers have given up 88 points in their last three games. Vikings at 3