Outlander Author Diana Gabaldon gives fans bad news but

Outlander: Author Diana Gabaldon gives fans bad news, but… – Télé-Loisirs

January 11th is a date that Outlander fans won't soon forget. While writer Diana Gabaldon happily celebrated her 72nd birthday, she unfortunately disappointed her fans by announcing very bad news.

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Diana Gabaldon found success in the early 1990s with the publication of her first book, The Thistle and the Tartan (Outlander in its original form), in which we follow the story of Claire Randall, a British Army nurse who lies crossing strange stones more than 200 years ago, during the Jacobite risings in the first half of the 18th century. Once awake, she tries unsuccessfully to find her way, but is quickly stopped by her husband's ancestor, captain of Her Majesty's Dragoons, the terrible Jack Randall. The success of this novel led to a successful literary saga and a television adaptation Netflix In France. As subscribers wait for the rest of Outlander season 7, writer Diana Gabaldon told them some very bad news.

Diana Gabaldon: “No, the book will not be published this year”

On the occasion of her 72nd birthday, Diana Gabaldon took to her social networks to give a short update on the release of the next volume of the Outlander saga, the title of which has not yet been announced. “Yes, it's my birthday (I'm always surprised when it happens, but here we go…) and thank you again for all your wishes. As a reminder, I am 72 years old, or I will be as of 6:13 am (I mean the night of January 11th). Aside from a bit of arthritis here and there, I’m still in good working condition, so let’s hope for the best for the coming year,” she said. wrote first on his Facebook account before announcing news of his next novel. “No, the book will not be published this year. No, I don't know when that will be the case. Books have their own pace and I'm not exaggerating, but I hope you enjoy it when you get it“.

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Outlander: What awaits you in the tenth novel by Diana Gabaldon

Although this announcement disappointed millions of fans, the American writer still wanted to give them a little surprise by giving them a taste of what awaits her in her next work. An excerpt from a scene that apparently takes place between Claire and Jamie, a rather intimate scene judging by the content of the dialogues, can be discovered on Diana Gabaldon's Facebook page…

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