Outpatient curative education service ends As a mother Im very

Outpatient curative education service ends: “As a mother, I’m very afraid”

A decision by the Center de services scolaire de Montréal (CSSDM) worries the parents of more than 200 children with special needs.

On February 8th, the CSSDM decided to discontinue its service of itinerant support teachers for children with disabilities. The service operated for 42 years.

Isabelle Desrochers came to Quebec to reverse that decision.

“As a mother, I am very afraid. I don’t know what the future holds for my child,” she said.

It is also one of the CAQ deputies who had his son diagnosed while he was working at the Sainte-Justine hospital.

“My child has a developmental coordination disorder and the diagnosis was made by Doctor Lionel Carmant,” she explains.

When asked about this, Mr. Carmant mentioned that he had confidence in Bernard Drainville.

The CSSDM Director of Educational Services believes the reorganization will be beneficial for students.

“Through the analysis of the intervention plan, if we estimate, for example, that it is two hours, he has his two hours, but if we estimate, for example, that it will take more than two hours, he has more than two hours,” says Benoît Thomas

For her part, Marwah Rizqy criticized the decision of the School Services Center.

“This decision is reckless, I would even say irresponsible and that the government is buying a class action lawsuit. For what? Yes, there is a violation here. If the service isn’t offered, we’re forcing the parents to maybe even choose a private school,” she says.

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