Overwatch 2 A controversy erupts in the community over a

Overwatch 2: A controversy erupts in the community over a new feature – Millenium

Add new features Overwatch 2 not everyone likes it, quite the opposite.

While Blizzard announced a few days ago that the Overwatch League could be maintained soon not really a priority anymorethe players turned to another debate.
This time around, it’s Blizzard’s addition to one of the game’s PVE events that’s sparking a lot of conversation, with the community very divided between the two viewpoints.

Add life bar to UI, a much requested and very controversial option?

The event is still available for a few days star clock : relief galactic started on May 9th and ends on May 22nd.

This PVE event allows you to earn some cosmetics and enjoy some maps in a new light, but also enjoy some features not available in regular games.

The most popular example is probably Your allies’ health bars on the UI.

This isn’t the first time this option has been added, in fact it’s been around since 2016. This addition is very popular and players have been asking for its permanent inclusion in classic game mode options for years.

An integration that would be one for many really beneficial in the parts. An opinion that is not correct not shared of all, quite the opposite.
In fact, the comments show some disagreement about such an addition.

For some players, this addition necessary, and the number of requests each time these health bars are present in PVE is a sure sign of players’ desire to use them constantly.
On the other hand, many other players feel that adding these bars would make the game too easy for healers, for example.

There “ability reduction“Required during gameplay” seems to bother a subset of players who don’t want it make casual THE Game.
A debate that has been going on for years about introducing these bars at the start of PVE events for the first time, and it doesn’t seem to be over yet.

Anyhow, don’t panic! After years of receiving the same request from players, Blizzard has now done so never added the option and the company seems more motivated to keep hiding.