Pabllo Vittars Messy Show at Lulas Inauguration Has Accident Eviction

Pabllo Vittar’s ‘Messy’ Show at Lula’s Inauguration Has Accident, Eviction and Invasion

The inauguration of the President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva it is that festival of the future brought together thousands of Brazilians for democracy last Sunday (1st) in Brasília. One of the most anticipated shows of the night was due to the world’s most famous drag queen, Pablo Vittarwhich occurred this Monday at 2:10 a.m. (2).

Despite a repertoire full of hits, the singer’s show was also marked by gaffes that did not escape the eyes of viewers and especially netizens, who immortalized in memes all the mistakes that appeared at different moments of the show and who, without a doubt , the drag queen finally took seriously.

In one of the moments Pablo Vittar He almost had his front teeth knocked out after a dancer shoved a microphone against his teeth. In the videos circulating on social networks, it is possible to notice that the singer was worried and irritated at the blowand later watched the presentation as if nothing had happened.

At another point, the festival’s broadcast cameras recorded Vittar distributing a Photographer who disrupted the presentation by entering the stage. Moments later, the singer was again surprised by a fan who rushed onto the stage to tease the performer “love of what”. “Calm, calm, calm,” Pabllo Vittar asked.

Another faux pas that didn’t go unnoticed was the dubbing error between the DJ in charge of managing the show’s instrumentals and the singer. Upon realizing that the professional had recorded the instrumental of a song that would not be part of the repertoire, Pabllo had to ask the DJ to skip the song on the mic. “Pass, pass, pass!” she asked in a soft voice so no one would notice.

Despite technical errors and setbacks, Pabllo Vittar brightened the night for the Brazilians and moved them with his speech. “I’m very proud to be one of the first artists to raise Lula’s flag and say He No in front of the cameras, unafraid of losing work, unafraid of losing publicity. In today’s digital influencer world, publicity and good manners remain. I say here: Lula! Lula for the people! For the bouncers, for the teachers, for the people who have no peace. For the LGBTQs who are being killed every day without public protection. Today, I, Pabllo Vittar, am proud to be here at the inauguration of my President, Luis Inácio Lula da Silva,” he said.