Pacaya volcano with the greatest eruption activity in Guatemala

Pacaya volcano with the greatest eruption activity in Guatemala

The entity's observatory installed at the site described unfavorable conditions in Mackenney Crater, which continue in the form of degassing with low-altitude columns of water vapor and other magmatic gases.

These move up to a kilometer downwind, describe the insivumeh and exclude light bulbs, explosions or rumbling.

“The seismic stations around the volcano record some degassing events and collapses or the fall of blocks into the crater,” he noted.

The Guatemalan Tourism Institute has been asked to educate its agencies, guides and visitors about the dangers of climbing in dangerous areas.

It also contributed to those of the Santiaguito, Fuego and Acatenango volcanoes, as well as to the persistence in these sectors.

The first continues with activity in the hot dome, with continuous weak to moderate degassing occurring, causing columns of water vapor and other magmatic gases to rise to heights of 300 meters above the dome.

Regarding the Fuego volcano, the Insivumeh stated that there were weak, moderate and some strong explosions that kicked up columns of gray gas and ash that moved variously to the northwest and north.

Due to the danger of falling glow balls due to their explosive activity, it is forbidden to approach the “La Meseta” and “El Camellón” areas of Acatenango, as they could cause serious injuries and burns, the organization stressed.

Due to its location in the Pacific Ring of Fire, volcanoes cover much of this country's geography, with at least 324 of these structures.

The National Geographic Institute highlights only 32, the local mountaineering association reports 37, while the Insivumeh considers the remaining 287 to be “hotspots.”

Fuego is the most active in Central America, it has an altitude of three thousand 763 meters above sea level and is discovered over 1,300.

To this day, this is the site of an unimaginable catastrophe that occurred on June 3, 2018, the largest eruption of the new millennium.