1684010933 Palworld Pokemon like will be playable in 11 languages ​​at launch

Palworld: Pokemon-like will be playable in 11 languages ​​at launch

After revealing some of their creatures to us in a trailer last December, Studio Pocket Pair wanted to show us that Palworld is moving in the right direction. If the software doesn’t have a real release date yet, it should definitely reach a large audience on the day of its release.

A power 11 translation for Palworld

Palworld Pokemon like will be playable in 11 languages ​​at launch

To achieve that, Pocket Pair wants to do things right, according to a tweet on the game’s Twitter account. In fact, the Japanese production opens the doors to building a potentially huge community around the world.

The message is clear: Palworld will be available in 11 languages ​​from its launch, including French! The mention “at launch” is important because this reference suggests that the title could be translated into other languages ​​if the hoped-for success is there.

Communications surrounding the title are also set to intensify in the coming weeks, as the studio has promised to come back with new information very soon.

Palworld, a hunting game that wants to get noticed

If we give it proven similarities to the Pokémon franchise, Palworld will still have different gameplay than its “twin”. There is no battle between creatures here, but a hunting party where you must use your entire arsenal to reduce the life points of the pals (that’s what they are called) to zero.

Throughout your adventure, you can capture different types of sidekicks, each with their own powers and quirks. Some of them can even be characterized by two different types. You can use them as a real weapon or assign them specific tasks.

Palworld is still expected in 2023 on Xbox and PC and why not a little later on other media.