Palworld reaches 1 million sales in just 8 hours

Palworld reaches 1 million sales in just 8 hours –

Palworld, an open-world survival and crafting game, was released in Early Access on Steam yesterday and benefits from a 10% discount until January 25th. It has already surpassed one million sales. To make the launch even more successful, the game managed to enter the top 25 of all time for a game on Steam with over 676,000 concurrent players, a number that allows Palworld to surpass AAA titles such as GTA Vhalo: Infinite or Skyrim in to put in the shadows.

As of this writing, Palworld dominates the Steam charts with the most concurrent players logged in, ahead of PUBG and Counter-Strike 2 (which has a higher 24-hour peak). When it comes to “All-Time Peak” labels showing over 1,000,000, Steam Charts only lists five such titles, namely PUBG, Counter-Strike 2, Lost Ark, Dota 2 and Cyberpunk 2077. Judging by the explosive launch day from Palworld that would be the case. It's no surprise that it makes the top 5 this weekend.

This title allows players to battle and capture over 100 Pokémon-like creatures (called Pals), earning it the nickname “Pokémon with Weapons.” Available for Windows, Xbox One (Amazon Renewed 2017 1TB version with wireless controller: Xbox One X Enhanced, now available for $243.98) and Xbox Series X | But only Steam players can enjoy the dedicated 32-player multiplayer servers. If you are hosting a game to play with friends, the limit is reduced to four. Since guilds can have up to 20 members, it seems logical that the game's dedicated server limit will be increased to at least 40 players in a future update.

On Steam, Palworld currently has 12,738 reviews, 92% of which are positive. The introductory offer mentioned above has the game priced at $26.99 instead of $29.99, and the game and soundtrack bundle is currently priced at $31.33 (13% discount instead of $35.98 -Dollar).