Pamela Franco cries after Christian Dominguez39s betrayal is revealed

Pamela Franco cries after Christian Domínguez's betrayal is revealed | You Taught Me What Love Isn't | Video | biz | SHOWS

DISAPPOINTED. Pamela Franco sent a strong message after it was revealed that Christian Domínguez had cheated on her and was her informant Pamela López, wife of Christian Cueva. The singer shared a reflection in which she talks about heartbreak and tears.


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“I am grateful for the mistakes that became wisdom, for the tears that cleansed my heart, for the people who taught me what love is not,” the release reads.

Pamela Franco sends a message of sorrow after Christian Domínguez's betrayal

Despite the scandals, however, she appears strengthened, as the sentence ends: “I am grateful for the darkness that forced me to shine and be my own sun.”

Pamela López: Christian Domínguez told me about Pamela Franco's love affair

Magaly Medina brought to light audio recordings of a conversation between her and Pamela López, in which she confesses that Christian Domínguez told her details about the singer's relationship with Christian Cueva.

“Christian Domínguez tells me that Cueva told him: 'Oh my darling, calm down!' I was very drunk, I drank according to my statement, I told her, “Don't worry, she has nothing, she won't mess you up at all, nothing will happen, don't worry, I love you and we will be happy.” Since she couldn't tell him that I shouldn't talk because he was very drunk, she called my father-in-law and said to him: “Please talk to this crazy woman for me, don't you dare get anything.” out of me because it will harm me. ' “Because they are going to give me a program…” revealed Pamela López.

Likewise, the magpie said that Cueva's wife told her that the singer himself asked her not to say that it was he who told her everything.

“She didn't want to fire Christian Domínguez because he asked her not to say that he was the snitch, the Judas. He went and told Pamela López… I think that Pamela Franco doesn't know that the father of her daughter, with whom she has a good relationship… I don't know if from now on something will break in this relationship again will .”, commented Magaly Medina.