Pantanal Gabriel Santana focuses on grooming and reveals his love

‘Pantanal’ Gabriel Santana focuses on grooming and reveals his love life : ‘Time will tell’

Gabriel Santana Renato lives in Pantanal, a soap opera from there TV globe, and is currently focused on his personal and professional life. But what about love life? In conversation with CONTIGO! He gave details of whether he has a love or not:

“It’s okay (laughs)” Guaranteed the actor. Gabriel also shared that after a long search for the right therapist, he started therapy and today is in search of selfdiscovery:

“I found a great therapist who we really bonded with. And I was concentrating on Gabriel, you know?” He showed

According to the actor, he is in a phase where he takes care of himself more, which allows him to be open to other relationships, including love. “When I’m okay with myself, loving myself more, I can be more open to having someone in my life.”

But the actor said that maybe this person hasn’t arrived in his life yet. “And if so, we haven’t made anything official yet,” he added. “Only time can tell”.

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And what about the flirting? The 22yearold admitted that for him social networks a “Flirting Machine”.

“I’m not particularly in that mood, I don’t flirt on Instagram these days. But I do know it’s a great social network to start flirting, having something casual or even starting a relationship.” emphasized Gabriel

He still ended as long as he never started a relationship via social media, but he’s already exchanged a lot of messages: “I’ve met some people, I’ve talked, I’ve even walked, but through Instagram I’ve developed a relationship, no”explained the actor.

Gabriel Santana plays Renato in Pantanal (photo reproduction / Internet)Gabriel Santana plays Renato in Pantanal (photo reproduction / Internet)