Paola and Chiara in Verissimo the shocking confession At the

Paola and Chiara in Verissimo, the shocking confession: “At the age of 8 I suffered violence in a campsite”

Paola and Chiara They’re back and they’ve done it in style: here Sanremo on the release of the new album”Forever” (posted Friday, May 12), to the Afternoon Lounge of Silvia Toffanin. During their chat a very correct, Clare Lezzi She told of one of the most difficult moments of her life: At the age of eight she suffered violence while camping, which shaped her for many years.

“I got one right away Violence “I’m eight years old and I suffer from panic attacks,” the singer said. The therapy helped me a lot », Chiara admits with her tears to the eyes.

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Paula and Clare They split up back in 2013 and they haven’t spoken to each other for a long time. TO Silvia Toffanin They told the real reason why they left.

“We wanted to produce ourselves, but couldn’t do everything.” Work It was a lot and we wanted to live there too Life outside of work,” confessed Paola Iezzi. The two sisters They have gone through very difficult times and have not spoken to each other for many years.

The two then bonded and don’t seem to have any intentions of letting each other down again, especially after that Success received on the stage of Sanremo where they sang “Furore”.

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