Paolla Oliveira has fun reacting to memes after the parade

Paolla Oliveira has fun reacting to memes after the parade in Sapucaí

The actress Paola Oliveira stopped Sapucaí and the Internet by parading in front of the Grande Rio battery dressed as a jaguar. This Thursday, February 15, the actress took to social media to talk about the clothes worn in the parade and expressed shock at the reactions of the public who followed her.

Paolla Oliveira  Reproduction/Instagram

Paolla Oliveira Reproduction/Instagram

Photo: Corn Novela

On the big night, she crossed the avenue like a jaguar, with an ornament on her head that, when activated by remote control, descended and transformed into the animal. The outfit was so successful that it was voted the best of the year by the EXTRA newspaper audience.

Excerpts from the parade on social media Paola It went viral and became a meme. Speaking on the topic, she collected photos of the memes created and said: “I love your reactions lol, still shocked by so much affection, thank you!” the actress wrote.

It doesn't stop there! After recapping several memes in the post, the actress continued to receive praise in the publication's comments. “You were THE MOMENT of this carnival,” he wrote. “You managed!! You will go down in history and speak volumes to the people who tried to criticize. I LOVE IT!!,” said another. “I've been on a loop of this video since Sunday Paollaaa!” commented another.

It is worth remembering that the champion of the 2024 Carnival Viradouro, Grande Rio, was a school of Paolacame in third place.

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