Paolo Bonolis says goodbye to Ciao Darwin with emotion and

Paolo Bonolis says goodbye to Ciao Darwin with emotion and welcomes his daughter Silvia to the studio: “My love”

The last episode of. aired last night, February 23rd Hello Darwin. After the challenge between the teams “Ciao Darwin Story” and “Ciao Darwin 8.7” Paolo Bonolis He wanted to say one last goodbye to the audience who had followed the program for nine editions and could not contain their emotions.

Paolo Bonolis: “Me in Sanremo 2025? Nobody asked me. Now I'll stop thinking about my future.


Paolo Bonolis and farewell to Ciao Darwin

In his acceptance speech, the Canale 5 presenter recalled the 26 years of the program and everyone who worked to put the show together: “If I'm not mistaken, it all started in 1998, ends in 2024 and I want to do it “thank you.” so many people on this long journey. I thank them with some pictures and I thank you for being with us so many and always. Then I would like to thank two people who are fundamental to me in this production. I have already said SDL, then I would like to thank the management Roberto Cenciand forgive me, but the greatest thanks at the end of a story that has lasted almost 30 years goes to the Maestro Luca Laurenti.

And then I repeat: Thank you to everyone who followed us.”

During the episode, Paolo Bonolis also welcomed his daughter Sylvia21 years old, born from a relationship with his ex-wife Sonia Bruganelli. The two sat close together in the studio and were framed several times by the director. “Hello Silvia, hello my love,” said the moderator, thanking the young woman for her presence in such an important moment as this, which marks the end of Ciao Darwin.

Who is Silvia Bonolis?

In a recent interview with Corriere, Paolo Bonolis said about his daughter: “I am very happy with Silvia, very happy with how cheerful she is always, I love her with all my heart, she amuses me, she is full of energy.” But what happened, happened, and as the Marquis del Grillo said: Could I still be a little angry about this fact? It makes me angry because I have no weapons to deal with this other than acceptance and love. But it hurts me. That's all”. In fact, Silvia Bonolis had to struggle with some health problems from a young age: the girl suffered damage to her neurological system due to heart problems that she already had in the womb and underwent a delicate operation immediately after birth.