Horoscope for Sagittarius Paolo Fox today the forecasts for December

Paolo Fox's Gemini horoscope today: the predictions for January 29th

This last half of January raises good hopes. So if you have closed a work issue or had problems in the past few months, you can recover. In fact, the coming days contain additional elements of strength, plus Venus will begin an important transit in February starting Friday the 16th. The meetings will be valid, friendships will be interesting, those who work without satisfaction will have the opportunity to review decisions and cut off dead branches until May. We turn the page. You will be able to give up things that are no longer good. The dissonance of Saturn remains, a certain bitterness associated with the past, the guilt of a person who is no longer close to you or who worries you.

Gemini weekly horoscope

LOVE: There is a big positive difference at the beginning of the year. The coming days also allow us to overcome the sad past. The only disruption possible in emotional relationships arises from financial discussions or an obstacle in comparison. Be careful with Virgo and Pisces. Those who have experienced a breakup for the time being do not want to know whether they will get back together with their ex, let alone find new love. But the second half of February will provide the shock needed to change your mind. It will have a positive effect on hearts that have been waiting for WORK events for too long: the only bad aspect of heaven is the nervous tension that you have to suppress control in order to avoid unnecessary disagreements with people who work with you. If you raise your head pointlessly, you can lose money and position. Be careful not to create one problem after another. This means that it is not worth taking legal action if you intend to assert yourself, at least for the moment, in order to create a desire to diversify the activity, between May and June the rules of the game will change and perhaps even a contract. WELL-BEING: It is good to keep the nervous tension under control, the lunar square on Monday could cause some problems associated with the fear of finishing everything you have set up. Of course, planning is required as this week brings elements of tension and stress.

Gemini monthly horoscope

It requires patience and tolerance to overcome outstanding problems. In fact, the months between now and May serve to prepare for a more important second part of the year: Jupiter will enter the sign at the end of May! On certain days in January you have to grit your teeth, fatigue will be strong on Monday 8th, Tuesday 9th and also Monday 29th. To be clear: it is not a heaven that presents insurmountable difficulties, but there will often be moments you will feel like you are against everyone. Those with a good level of creative talent can still come up with new projects and good companies will make a splash within a few months. Someone will feel attacked or criticized too much, it's better to have fun and not think. Psychophysical recovery already on the 25th.