Paolo Guerrero celebrated his 40th birthday with all his might

Paolo Guerrero celebrated his 40th birthday with all his might: the unusual dance steps of the “Predator”

Paolo Guerrero celebrated his 40th birthday with all his might

The beginning of 2024 was special for Paolo Guerrero as it coincided with his 40th birthday. On Monday, January 1, the Peru national team striker celebrated twice with a big party organized by his family Ana Paula Consort, mother of his last child. The celebration took place in Pachacamac and was attended by salsa orchestras, which made the more than 100 guests and the birthday child himself dance.

This is how Paolo Guerrero celebrated his 40th birthday

A video distributed on social networks showed the strange dance steps of the “Predator”, who appeared uninhibited in front of those present shouting “Dance, Captain”. Guerrero spent a short vacation in Lima before leaving the country to define his footballing future.

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Will Paolo Guerrero arrive at Alianza Lima?

In the last few hours there have been increasing rumors about a possible signing of Paolo Guerrero for Alianza Lima. According to the journalist Sandro Bazán of Líbero, the intimate club will sound out the attacker to find out his intentions and his sporting project in 2024 in order to be able to make a formal offer if he considers it appropriate.

What did Paolo Guerrero say about his future?

A few days ago, the striker revealed what his expectations are for the future given his impending departure from the club LDU of Quito. “(I'm) waiting for a proposal to arrive, something concrete and good. A project that is about winning an international trophy,” said the striker.