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Parliamentary week 4 8 ​​March 2024 (PK0192/03/01/2024)

Vienna (PK) – The COFAG investigation committee will begin the first surveys of respondents next week. Some of the National Council's specialized committees also meet. The main committee could now formally set June 9th for the EU elections. The new Speaker of the House of Commons of the Canadian Parliament, Gregory Fergus, visits Parliament. On the occasion of International Women's Day, the Second President of the National Council, Doris Bures, and the President of the Federal Council, Margit Göll, invite people to events.

Monday, March 4, 2024

Deputies from the Armenia-Azerbaijan-Georgia Bilateral Parliamentary Group will travel to Azerbaijan for talks until March 6.

As part of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU, the Inter-Parliamentary Conference on the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and the Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP) will run until 5 March. On the Austrian side, representatives Reinhold Lopatka (ÖVP), Michael Hammer (ÖVP), Harald Troch (SPÖ), Ewa Ernst-Dziedzic (Greens), Dagmar Belakowitsch (FPÖ) and Federal Councilor Christine Schwarz-Fuchs (ÖVP) will be represented. . . The meeting will focus on supporting Ukraine against Russian aggression, the ongoing enlargement process, strategic guidance and the EU's resilience. (Belgium, Bruges)

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

10 a.m.:

In the Family Committee, MEPs will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the study's authors when discussing the current report on the situation of young people in Austria. State Secretary Claudia Plakolm and five experts nominated by the individual parliamentary groups will also participate in the discussion. In addition to the preview of current EU projects relevant to the Federal Ministry for Women, Family, Integration and the Media, there is also a petition on the topic “Mental Health Now – strengthens our youth” and numerous proposed resolutions of the opposition on the commission. schedule. (Parliament, National Council Hall)

10 a.m.:

The Committee on Economic Affairs, Industry and Energy also scheduled a meeting. The agenda has not yet been defined. (Parliament, Federal Council Chamber)

10:30 am:

The Speaker of the House of Commons of the Canadian Parliament, Gregory Fergus, visits Parliament. National Council President Wolfgang Sobotka welcomes you to exchange ideas. (Parliament, reception room)


The Consumer Protection Committee begins with a current debate and then analyzes 21 proposed resolutions. This includes things like money protection, debt collection fees, pensions, inflation reduction, and lab meat. (Parliament, Ludwig Wittgenstein Local 5)

2:30 pm:

Members of the Austria, USA, Canada Bilateral Parliamentary Group and the National Council's Foreign Policy Committee meet for talks with the Speaker of the House of Commons of the Canadian Parliament, Gregory Fergus. (Parliament, Theophil Hansen Local 3)

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

8:30 am:

The main committee scheduled a meeting. The agenda has not yet been defined. (Parliament, Ludwig Wittgenstein Local 5)

10 a.m.:

The COFAG investigation committee begins its interviews with the interviewees of the President of the Financial Prosecutor's Office, Wolfgang Peschorn, and a former employee of the Ministry of Finance. (Parliament, Erwin Schrödinger Local 1)

12:30 pm:

At its meeting, the Constitutional Commission must deal with a constitutional change requested by the coalition parties. The goal is to make it easier for states to collect taxes on apartments that are vacant or used only as second homes. A joint report by Chancellor Karl Nehammer and EU Minister Karoline Edtstadler on current EU projects and the “Nehammer must go” referendum are also planned for the agenda. The opposition calls, among other things, for further development of the catalog of fundamental rights, the protection of neutrality and an expansion of the archiving requirement for government communications. (Parliament, National Council Hall)

2:30 pm:

The Environment Committee's agenda includes a series of reports, such as the COVID-19 crisis management fund, the department's current annual EU forecasts and environmental financing. Through a government amendment, the Act on Remediation of Contaminated Sites will be amended, which is intended to contribute to the reduction of land consumption in Austria. (Parliament, Ludwig Wittgenstein Local 5)

3:15 pm:

As part of the International Open Data Days, the Parliament participates in tracking data from the city of Vienna. Under the motto “Data above and below ground”, participants will be guided through the federal capital and informed about various data offers. The educational track ends with a panel of experts in Parliament, where the Chamber's open data offerings and showcases are presented. The event ends with a visit to the historic building with special emphasis on parliamentary dates. (Parliament, Elise Richter Local 2)

More information about offering open data on the Parliament portal: Open Data | Austrian Parliament.

Thursday, March 7, 2024


The COFAG investigation committee continues interviewing interviewees with a former employee of the Ministry of Finance, an employee of the Ministry of Finance and a managing director of COFAG. (Parliament, Erwin Schrödinger Local 1)

11:30 am:

The program of the Committee on Petitions and Citizens' Initiatives includes 39 citizens' concerns. It covers everything from freight train noise, emergency doctor shortages and anti-racism, to medical cannabis and “weather patches.” (Parliament, Ludwig Wittgenstein Local 5)

4 pm.:

Two events will be held at the Chamber to mark International Women's Day. The second president of the National Council, Doris Bures, invites you to the event “Women and AI – Trap of Discrimination or Feminist Rise”. The talks by Sabine Theresia Köszegi (Professor of Ergonomics and Organization, member of the Advisory Board for the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence of the UNESCO Commission in Austria) and Ingrid Brodnig (author) aim to show how certain models or data sets are used for AI have or have unequal effects on genders can consciously counteract. A panel discussion with AI experts from Austria and Germany will then address the question of what role AI can play in realizing the vision of a society in which all members have equal opportunities and rights, regardless of gender, origin or other features. The AI-generated robot dance performance by Humanoids in Architecture and Urban Spaces (HAUSorg) aims to bring audiences closer to the interface between humans, computers and machines. The event will be moderated by APA Deputy Editor-in-Chief Katharina Schell. (Parliament, National Council Hall)

Media representatives can register at [email protected].

Friday, March 8, 2024


Federal Council President Margit Göll and the Austrian Association of Municipalities are jointly inviting people to the “Women are Encouragers” event to highlight the importance of women's involvement in communities, which initiates and helps shape change. In addition to the President of the Federal Council, Göll, the Minister for Women, Susanne Raab, and the journalist and “President of Women's Empowerment” Sabine Kronberger will also speak. Furthermore, committed women from different professional, voluntary and political fields discuss how to sustainably shape our shared future and the effect of equality on strengthening democracy. The event will be moderated by journalist Corinna Milborn. (Parliament, Theophil Hansen Local 3)

The event will be streamed live in the media library. Media representatives can register at [email protected].

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