BBB24 Yasmin Brunet ironizes rumors about the end of her

Partner reveals how much money the beauty brand Yasmin Brunet has already earned after the model joined “BBB24

BBB24: Yasmin Brunet talks about the end of her marriage to Gabriel Medina: “Poor guy”; regard! (Photo: Reproduction/ TV Globo)

Yasmin Brunet is not only a model and influencer, but also a businesswoman. The “BBB 24” contestant has a beauty product brand called “Yasmin Beauty.” The model's participation in the reality show attracted a new wave of consumers to the brand, resulting in sales of R$ 5 million in just 10 days of programming.

Eduardo Vanzak, partner at Yasmin Beauty, revealed to Vogue that this amount was estimated for the entire month. He also said that the recently launched Body Splash sold 25,000 units in its first week. The businessman was one of the first to know that the model would be taking part in the program and therefore planned to bring forward the launch to benefit from the visibility.

“We were racing against time to bring forward the launch of three new products that were scheduled to launch later in the year,” he said. Yasmin photographed for the new campaign just before entering the reality show and the products were launched on the first day of lockdown.

The brand “Yasmin Beauty” has brought forward the product launch to benefit from the visibility of the reality show. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Eduardo further explained that the model is involved in all phases of product development: “Yasmin is very detailoriented and participates in all phases of product development. To choose the Body Splash Goxxtosa scent, she researched major perfumeries in the United States and created a scent inspired by a scent blend she normally uses.”

He also explained the brand's strategic planning after the model was added to the program. According to Vanzak, the goal for 2024 is to end the year with sales of R$70 million. “With Yasmin joining Big Brother, the strategy is to make lowmargin, highvolume products increasingly accessible,” he explained.

The Vogue report recalled that influencer and businesswoman Bianca Andrade followed a similar strategy when she attended “BBB 2020.” Bianca tripled the sales of her brand Boca Rosa Beauty during the reality show.