Party in Panama exempts popular election positions from primaries

Party in Panama exempts popular election positions from primaries

According to the National Executive Committee (CEN) report, the political organization will not submit to the internal process scheduled for June 11 52 of the 71 positions for deputies of the National Assembly (Parliament), 33 positions for mayors and 59 positions on corregimiento representatives.

The letter to the electoral tribunal, whose seat is in Bocas del Toro and which he also protected, signed by the president of the CEN, the deputy Benicio Robinson, indicates that the PRD keeps 40 percent and justifies this with the formation of alliances with others parties.

It is significant that the provinces of Coclé, Los Santos, Veraguas and the region of Guna Yala all have reserved seats where Rubén De León, current PRD secretary, was a Veraguas MP.

In County 8-3 of the province of Panama, where the current President of the Legislature, Crispiano Adames, is a deputy, three out of five deputy posts have been reserved.

Meanwhile, Kayra Harding, the current vice president of the assembly, is in County 13-1, where the PRD has decided not to bring the charges to the elementary school as well.

The former secretary-general of this group, Pedro Miguel González, was one of the first to question the decisions of the current 2024 consultation directive.

In this regard, González classified the maneuver as a wrong and absurd strategy that should be reconsidered, since the decision could take effect before the month of February before the electoral court.

For some analysts, after the debacle in the Central American country’s current economic and social situation, the PRD is trying to maintain positions and remain in power.

González recalled that the PRD statute requires that all positions be put up for election in internal elections, although it allows exceptions for alliance reasons.

“They stick to that rule to make exceptions, they sidestep the statute for purposes other than coalition,” he noted.

On May 5, 2024, Panamanians will elect the country’s new president and vice-president, 20 members of the Central American Parliament, 71 members of the National Assembly, 81 mayors, 701 members of the Corregimiento and 11 councillors, all with their alternates. , for the period from July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2029.