Pato Borghetti makes an awkward comment on Halle Bailey about

Pato Borghetti makes an awkward comment on Halle Bailey about her skin color and they destroy it on the networks

  • Users criticized Pato Borghetti’s unfortunate comment after an interview with Halle Bailey in VLA.

In the afternoon of May 11th the premiere of The little mermaid
In the main role Hall Bailey
, as ArielAnd Javier BardemAs the King Tritontook place in Mexico City.

Situation for which the actress visited the forum come joy to share his experience with one of the most popular roles in Disney; However, one situation that drew a lot of attention was a comment from Patrick Borghetti in the full interview.

However, the morning presenter also interviewed the singer alongside Crystal Silva; where the interview continued until Pato asked Halle about her feelings on the pre and post film comments.

Halle Bailey was interviewed by Patricio Borghetti and Kristal Silva on the Venga La Alegría forum.

Instagram: @vegalaalegria / YouTube: Come Joy

Bailey stated that she was very pleased with the audience acceptance and was extremely excited for people to see the film.

However, Patricio made an allegedly crazy comment towards Halle and her Skin color, Situation frowned upon in networks.

Here’s how Halle Bailey reacted after Pato Borghetti spoke about her skin color.

Instagram: @vegalaalegria / YouTube: Come Joy

“That’s not a question, it’s something I want to share with you, I promise you, none of us who were in this room yesterday We saw the color of your skin“Everyone, including my wife and children, we were all lost in your eyes,” he said.

This is when Pato Borghetti made the remark:

The 23-year-old took the message and made a gesture, according to users light painalthough he was cordial and just thanked for the comments from Borghetti.

“Really thank you That means a lot to me“Hearing that, I’m very pleased that you were there and saw the film. I’m really very happy to be here in Mexico,” said the famous.

According to the driver of VLA Users reacted quickly and criticized the actor for his comments Bailey and her skin color.

Users criticized Pato Borghetti for his comment on Halle Bailey

Instagram: @vegalaalegria

“How bad they looked with their skin color”“Very bad interview, how disrespectful to the actress”, “Even Halle’s uncomfortable face in the interview”, “They didn’t handle it that well”, “What’s up with your comment”, “said the white man with the blue eyes” , were some reactions.

Some externalized that Capi Pérez was much better suited to interview the actress.

Instagram: @vegalaalegria