1705885341 Patrick Roy with the Islanders Michel Bergeron believes the Senators

Patrick Roy with the Islanders: Michel Bergeron believes the Senators missed their goal

Michel Bergeron dreamed of seeing Patrick Roy walk down Broadway to coach a Rangers game at Madison Square Garden, as he himself had done many times during his coaching career.

But it was particularly important for “the Tigers” that Roy found a place in the National League, on Saturday Shortly after news of his hiring was announced a few miles away at the IslandersThe goal was of little importance to the colorful ice hockey man.

He was happy, even if he “felt a little sorry for Lane Lambert.” [l’entraîneur-chef que les Islanders ont congédié et que Bergeron a dirigé]a former member of the Nordiques who is a worker.

Patrick Roy with the Islanders Michel Bergeron believes the Senators

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“I’m happy for Patrick,” “Bergie” told the Journal. He deserves to be in the National League. We've heard all kinds of things about him being stuck in the NHL. But he is a winner and he will bring credibility to the Islanders.”

“Senators, Tabaslaque!”

TVA Sports analyst Michel Bergeron has been publicly advocating for Roy's return to the big racing scene for some time.

1705885337 952 Patrick Roy with the Islanders Michel Bergeron believes the Senators

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And while he's excited about joining the Islanders, the former face of the Nordiques can't help but regret the decision not to hire him by the Ottawa Senators, who recently appointed Jacques Martin as interim head coach following the firing of DJ have appointed blacksmith.

“The Islanders are a team that isn't getting any younger… while the Senators, damn it! If they had hired him, he would have advised them on everything! he said. Also for the draft: He knows all the young people, he comes from junior hockey,” emphasized “Bergie”.

An “incredible” rivalry

Bergeron also believes that the rivalry with the Canadian would have been “incredible”.

“Still, we will never be able to experience the Canada-Nordique rivalry again. I defend my heritage! he added with a laugh. But it certainly would have been quite a rivalry.”

We take the liberty of reassuring “the tiger” here: Don't worry, Mr. Bergeron, it's now quite certain that your fiery legacy will remain intact… whatever may happen some evenings, between the Canadians and the islanders.