Pays 50,000 euros for Angelina Jolie's car: A 40 year old from La Spezia was cheated

January 24, 2024, 11:55 a.m

It all started with a chat on Facebook, but it wasn't the actress who answered on the other side of the screen…


A man from La Spezia in his forties who had started chatting on Facebook with a so-called profile of Angelina Jolie, at some point he accepted the proposal of the alleged actress to sell him her car, but in exchange for 50,000 euros he received “only” the video of the car boarding the ship that never arrived in Italy. “Obviously that’s what it was about a fraud“, explains Alessandro De Nanni from the postal police.


He thought he was chatting with Angelina Jolie… As La Nazione reports in detail, it was not Angelina Jolie who was behind the messenger profile, but “fraudsters from Central Africa who had once pocketed the money disappeared”. And the deceived person, “believing that he had become involved with the famous interpreter of Lara Croft, could do nothing but report the incident to the postal police. With very little hope of getting their money back”.

Beware of online scams “Cybercrime is specialized and constantly evolving,” adds De Nanni of the Postal Police. “From the classic telephone message asking you to click on a bank link and enter your account details, which are then stolen electronically, to spoofing, i.e. a system.” This allows you to use a known telephone number, for example that of the police station, clone to trick the unsuspecting victim into trusting the interlocutor.

And more and more fraud cases related to financial trading are being reported. “We start with small investments of 150 to 200 euros,” explains De Nanni, and then the victim is convinced to increase the commitment by showing the accumulated phantom income through artfully created apps. Usually the scam becomes obvious when the user asks to withdraw. Anyone can fall for it, even a retired bank manager happened to us.”

Online fraud There may be organized crime. “It is established through investigations and even the prosecutor Nicola Gratteri explained in his latest book the Ndrangheta's attention to this type of activity. A kind of anthropological change is exploited if it is true that we spend an average of 7 hours a day at the door of an electronic device”.



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