Pearl hits Brazilian cinemas on February 9th te

Pearl hits Brazilian cinemas on February 9th te

Sequel to X The Mark of Death, released in the US in 2022, pearl finally has a date to hit Brazilian cinemas. THE A24 Brazila Universal and the cinema color announced this Monday (2) that the film Ti West opens in Brazil February 9th Check out the ad:

Released in 2022, X A Marca da Morte followed a group of young people staying on a farm to record a porn film when they are murdered by an elderly couple. with Mia Gothwho played two roles, the feature was also included Jenna Ortega, Kid Cudi and Brittany snow.

Serving as a prelude to X, Pearl follows the title character’s adolescence, which was also experienced by Goth, whose eagerness to become famous led her to commit violent crimes. West’s trilogy ends with MaXXXine.

Pearl premieres in Brazil on February 9th.

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