Pedestrians reveal who they prefer as the new farmer A

Pedestrians reveal who they prefer as the new farmer A Fazenda 15 .com

This Wednesday (27th) is the Farmer’s Test day The farm 15. And in this climate, pedestrians are starting to think about possibilities. While they were gathered in the kitchen, Kamila Simioni He asked who the pedestrians would most like to bring back with the hat on their head. Everyone present laughed and that Henry Martins joked: “We want fire in the hay.”

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After the moment of relaxation, the swimmer explained that he preferred it Andre Goncalves. “André was not elected by the farmer or the house. He shouldn’t be there,” the farmer commented. Darlan Cunha prefer that Lucas Souza Win the race even if you voted for the coach. “Of the three, I prefer Lucas, he’s the one with whom there was no friction.”

Cariúcha agrees with the actor and says he wants to see coach Fazendeiro and have the courage to sign her in Roça. “I wanted to see if he would have the courage,” he said. Jaquelline Grohalski was the only one who showed a preference for it Rachel Sheherazade.

Watch how the conversation between pedestrians went:

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