Pedretti's death, cooking influencer Biagiarelli: “Suicide hurts me, but I don't apologize”

February 15, 2024, 11:50 a.m

A month later, Lorenzo Biagiarelli returns to the case of the restaurateur from Sant'Angelo Lodigiano with a video on his Instagram profile

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“Many have accused me of lacking humanity, but I cannot and will not apologize for the death of, as many have strongly suggested to me Giovanna Pedretti, whose suicide obviously hurts me. If I did that, I would be one more person using my death to my own advantage, in my case, to rehabilitate myself by covering my head with ashes and begging for mercy in the public square. And in any case, I will not be on air again,” said the cooking influencer in a video on his Instagram profile, a month after the events Lorenzo Biagiarellispeaks out again after he found himself at the center of controversy for expressing doubts about the veracity of the anti-disabled and anti-gay review published by the restaurateur from Sant'Angelo Lodigiano (Lodi), who subsequently died in the river Lambro was found January 14th.

One month after the death of restaurateur Giovanna Pedretti “I would rather keep the doubt, the suspicion than try the path of pity and say something I don't think and I will accept all the consequences of this decision,” Lorenzo Biagiarelli added to his followers.

“I take this opportunity to inform you that the conditions for resuming my role on television are no longer present, so you will no longer see me on air. However, I would like to thank everyone who has shown me affection. I hold on to the solidarity of the many who have understood what dirty game is being played,” adds the cooking influencer in the video message on Instagram.

“In the last few weeks I have allowed everything to be said and written about me. That any accusation, even the most notorious, can be made against me without any response. Now that the verdict has been somewhat weakened, I would simply like to justify it anew.” “A principle of truth, which is then at the heart of this story,” Biagiarelli begins in the video.

Reconstructing the story from Biagiarelli's words “This is not a video made by a task force, I'm not even wearing the penitent shirt. I'm doing as well as possible and I'm not here to feel sorry for myself. Let’s start with the facts,” he says, reconstructing what has happened since January 12, when “national importance was given to a news story with a shaky truth profile. The homophobic review in the pizzeria”.

“The next day it ends up in some newspapers, people are talking about it everywhere. I find out from this huge amount of press the name of the pizzeria, the owner and the location
the feeling of exposure It is not about denying or publicly ridiculing an ordinary person, as has often been written in recent days, but about dismantling a news story, especially when it is broadcast nationally, and criticizing the work of the press when it appears feeds on news and does not verify it by monetizing it with money. Click,” says the food blogger.

“The next day it was announced that Giovanna Pedretti had taken her own life and immediately both my partner and I were inundated with hateful messages and death threats from the press, television and radio, arguing immediately and for two weeks, sometimes implicitly, sometimes but very explicitly that our and only our actions were directly responsible for the death of Giovanna Pedretti. This is because, according to the press, my two exposing posts, shared only by Selvaggia, created a social pillory of the lady and her pizzeria and that is one of the many untruths that have been said about this story.

Citing Article 21 of the Constitution and criticizing television, newspapers and social media, Biagiarelli emphasizes that “the notorious stigma of incitement to suicide is reserved only for me and my partner.”



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