1707140303 Pedro Sanchez on the victory of Nebulossa39s Zorra The 39professional

Pedro Sánchez on the victory of Nebulossa's “Zorra”: “The 'professional sphere' would have liked to have 'Cara al sol'.”

Pedro Sanchez on the victory of Nebulossa39s Zorra The 39professional

Pedro Sánchez is also a fox. The President of the Government took part on Monday morning in the program “Al Rojo Vivo” on La Sexta to give an interview to Antonio García Ferreras. The meeting ended with a comment on the choice of the song Zorra by Nebulossa as Spanish representative at the Eurovision Song Contest after its victory this Saturday at the Benidorm Fest 2024. The song is considered by its authors to be the legacy of the feminist posits that Rigoberta Bandini already in 2022 occurred at the same competition has become a viral phenomenon in recent weeks.

“It seems to me that feminism is not only fair, but also fun, and therefore such provocations must necessarily come from the culture. The professionalosphere would have liked to have Cara al sol, but I like these types of songs better,” answered Sánchez.

Minutes earlier, Prime Minister Ferreras explained his own definition of this term. “I strongly associate the law of the funnel with a colloquial expression that is perhaps a bit sarcastic but that actually exists, namely the fachosphere,” he commented. In his own words, the term refers to “this entire combination of media politics of the ultra-right, including on social networks, to generate hatred and provoke tension.”

When the Al Rojo Vivo host asked him to specify which media outlets are linked to the far right, Sánchez avoided a precise answer but insisted on the validity of the term: “Citizens are intelligent to know what.” That is the media.” That the pachosphere exists? Naturally. What smells like mothballs? Without a doubt,” he assured. For Sánchez, the extreme right supports this media policy “to cover with noise its refusal to move forward from the point of view of rights and social policy,” commented the president, who assured that he had no one in particular in mind during his speech. the word, “but some political and media actors were taken for granted,” he emphasized.

When asked by this newspaper last Wednesday whether conservative parts of the country could request censorship of the song, Nebulossa admitted he was not worried about it. “It seems that in Spain we are always in the time before Revelation. And we can't get over it at all. We didn't do it with the intention of it being an anthem. This is how it happened for us. People have accepted her as such and it is the best thing that can happen to an artist. It only happens to very few people. We feel very supported,” the two members confessed before their victory at the Benidorm Fest 2024.

After winning the Alicante competition, the duo made it clear to the media once again this Sunday that they are happy that all the media hype has reached them in full maturity. Mery Bas is aware of this and is not overwhelmed by the possible controversy among the Spanish conservative sectors or the way the issue is received in Europe: “We are not yet 20 years old. “I sweat everything.”

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