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Pentagon chief leaves hospital after health controversy

The American defense secretary left the hospital on Monday after spending two weeks there, the Pentagon said, although he caused controversy for keeping quiet about that hospitalization for several days, including from the White House.

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“As I continue to recover and carry out my duties from home, I look forward to making a full recovery and returning to the Pentagon as quickly as possible,” said Lloyd Austin, who despite his silence had received support from President Joe Biden.

The 70-year-old former general learned at the beginning of December that he was suffering from prostate cancer. He underwent surgery on December 22nd, returned home the next day and was hospitalized again from January 1st due to complications including nausea and severe pain.

The White House was not informed of his hospitalization until January 4th, which was made public on January 5th.

The situation sparked an outcry in the press and among his Republican opponents, in the midst of an election year and at a time when the world's leading military power is embroiled in several major conflicts, from Ukraine to the Middle East.

Washington is supporting Kiev against Russia and Israel against the Palestinian Hamas and is mobilizing its international partners against the Houthi rebels in Yemen who are threatening maritime traffic in the Red Sea.

The White House had acknowledged that these secret hospitalizations were not “ideal,” and some elected Democrats expressed discomfort with the situation.

According to his spokesman, if the president maintains his “confidence” in his minister, the White House will order a review of the rules that apply in the event of the incapacity of high-ranking officials.