Pentagon: “If Kiev loses, NATO will fight Russia.” Israeli attack on refugee camp: 4 dead

Israel surprisingly releases 50 Palestinian prisoners

Last night, Israel surprisingly released around 50 Palestinian prisoners who were arrested after October 7th. The media cited a statement from the Shin Bet (Internal Security) and the army that said the decision was made due to prison overcrowding. But Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir wrote on In his opinion, a wrong move, he added, since it took place “on the day two Jews were killed in an attack” in the West Bank.

Khamenei chooses and calls on people to vote: “The eyes of friends and enemies are on us”

– “I insist on calling on people to go to the polls as soon as possible. The eyes of people and politicians around the world are on Iran, both friends and enemies.” This is how Ayatollah Ali Khamenei renewed his appeal after voting for the parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections taking place in Iran today X for a high level of participation in the election consultation. In the first nationwide consultations since the death of Mahsa Amini in September 2022, which triggered a wave of anti-government protests, the winners were announced as the so-called “Principalists” (the ultra-conservatives) and the Reformist Front, which includes 31 factions, announced the boycott. As always in the Islamic Republic, voter turnout data will be crucial to assess the level of popular support for the system. The estimates do not make the Ayatollahs smile: recent polls suggest it will be between 37 and 46%, with big differences between Tehran, where it is estimated at around 17%, and the other provinces. For this reason, Iran's Supreme Leader has already called for “massive” participation today, saying it will “cause disappointment among the enemies who are keeping an eye on Iran.”

Yellen: “The Milei administration protects the most vulnerable”

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called on Javier Milei's government to “protect the most vulnerable” in the “difficult economic transition” facing Argentina. The request was made during a meeting with Argentine Economy Minister Luis Caputo at the G20 summit of finance ministers and central bankers in Sao Paulo. “The Milei government has inherited a difficult stabilization task, but has already taken some important steps to restore financial sustainability, adjust the exchange rate and combat inflation,” the US Secretary of State said in a note released after the door session concluded became. “There is no doubt that this has been and will continue to be a period of difficult economic transition for the Argentine people. “Protecting the most vulnerable during this transition will be challenging, but it is vital,” Yellen concluded.

Israel has given names to the Egyptian Palestinians whom it will not liberate

Channel 12 reported that an Israeli delegation in Cairo this week to discuss the details of a possible deal to release hostages with Egyptian officials presented a list of Palestinian detainees it will not release if a deal is reached with Hamas becomes. This is reported by the Times of Israel. The delegation will return to Cairo next week for further talks.

Gaza, media: 4 dead in Israeli attack on Bureij refugee camp

According to the Palestinian news agency Wafa, at least four people were killed and several others injured in an Israeli bomb attack on a house in the Bureij refugee camp in the center of the Gaza Strip in the early hours of the morning.

French farmers protest at the Arc de Triomphe

French farmers are protesting near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris today, saying the action is aimed at “saving French agriculture,” the Rural Coordination union wrote on X. Several members of the Rural Coordination gathered at the summit of the Champs-Élysées and waved flags at the hay bales among themselves. “The Rural Coordination symbolically and peacefully occupies the Etoile,” the union wrote on the social network.

At 12 Navalny's funeral in Moscow

Navalny's funeral will take place at 12 noon Italian time in a church on the outskirts of Moscow in the presence of the Italian charge d'affaires. According to spokeswoman Kira Yarmysh, the funeral of the Russian opponent, who died on February 16 in the penal colony where he was imprisoned, is scheduled for two hours later, at 4 p.m., at the Borisovskoe cemetery, a 28-minute walk from the Church where the funeral ceremony will take place. The Navalny team also announced that the funeral would be broadcast live on YouTube, with a heavy police presence expected and also fears that officers could block Navalny supporters' access to the church. Since his death, hundreds of people have been arrested for laying flowers in his memory. The Navalny team urged people to attend the funeral despite the police presence. All people for whom Navalny's political work meant something should come, the spokeswoman said. Russian police began surveillance of Moscow's Borisovskoye cemetery yesterday, Meduza reported, citing the Telegram channel “We can Explain,” which said officers asked the reasons for the visit, checked the documents and searched them , who entered the cemetery, and this explains they are committed to “preventing terrorist operations.” RusNews reported that officials patrolled the cemetery, erected metal fences and installed cameras on streetlights. Navalny's allies accused President Vladimir Putin of killing him because the Russian leader allegedly could not tolerate the idea that Navalny would be released as part of a possible prisoner swap.

USA: Trump on the border, “it’s a migrant invasion caused by Biden”

“This is the invasion provoked by Biden. The United States is overwhelmed by the criminal invasion provoked by Biden. It is a new form of cruel violation of our country.” Donald Trump attacked the Democratic president from Eagle Pass, who was also giving a speech at the border with Mexico in Bronwsville, 500 kilometers away, at the same moment, thereby confirming the catastrophic and populist Migrant messaging will be the focus of the tycoon's third presidential campaign. Trump used aggressive language toward migrants, as he has in the past when he accused them of “poisoning the blood of our country,” prompting a wave of criticism and controversy from those who saw echoes of Nazi rhetoric . “We hear languages ​​in our country that no one has ever heard,” he said yesterday, describing this alleged invasion. “They are really foreign languages, nobody speaks them.” They are pouring into our country and bringing with them enormous problems, including medical ones, as you know.” Biden and Trump chose diametrically opposed locations for their visit to the border: The President traveled to Brownsville , the Democratic Party's stronghold in Texas, which represents the traditional Democratic approach to the problem of balancing border security and the humane treatment of migrants.

Boeing will pay $51 million to the State Department over weapons violations

Boeing announced Thursday that it had reached a $51 million settlement with the U.S. State Department over numerous export violations. These violations included the improper downloading of documents by Chinese employees in China related to U.S. Department of Defense programs.

The State Department said that from 2013 to 2017, three Chinese employees at Boeing factories in China downloaded technical data on programs including the F-18, F-15 and F-22 fighter jets, the E-3 warning and control system Aircraft etc AH-64 Apache and the cruise missile AGM84E.

Boeing said additional unauthorized downloads of technical data occurred at Boeing and partner facilities in 18 countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Morocco, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain. Thailand, Taiwan, Ukraine and the United Kingdom from 2013 to 2018.

The administrative agreement covers unauthorized exports of technical data and resolves 199 violations of the Arms Export Control Act and international arms trade regulations, the State Department said.

Biden, Trump join me on immigration

“Instead of playing games and obstructing, Donald Trump should join me in pushing for the passage of the immigration compromise we reached.” Joe Biden said this in Texas, on his first visit to the border in 13 months. “The compromise reached” on immigration would have provided more resources and “allowed me and other presidents to close ports of entry at the border if necessary.” “It would have been a victory”: It was “a bipartisan initiative” that “the Senate must reconsider and the Speaker of the House of Representatives must present in the chamber.”

There is no final statement on the G20 split over Ukraine

– The G20 economic summit in Sao Paulo ended without a final declaration as no agreement could be reached on the wording of the text. Instead, there will be a statement from the presidency on economic issues. The Brazilian Minister of Economy Fernando Haddad (Presidency) commented at the end of the process and explained that the “impasse” was caused by the “ongoing geopolitical conflicts”. Already in the last few hours there have been tensions in the negotiations on condemning Russia for the aggression against Ukraine, during which the unanimity necessary for the adoption of the text was not found.

Pentagon: “If Kiev loses, NATO will fight Russia”

Providing resources to Ukraine is crucial. Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin said this and emphasized that NATO countries would have to fight against Russia if Ukraine lost the war.

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