Pepe Aguilar responds to Angela Aguilars message about alleged leak

Pepe Aguilar Responds to Ángela Aguilar’s News of False Photo Leakage

Last Wednesday, January 18, users on social networks made the talented singer the topic of conversation. Angela Aguilar, after the alleged leak of intimate images, a situation he clarified through a statement shared on social networks.

In front of her millions of followers on Instagram, the performer of songs like “Actually”, “Where they see me” and “Tell me how you want” uploaded a letter assuring that it was so photographs They are “fake” because it is a photomontage of a netizen.

Also the daughter of Pepe Aguilar He explained the leak of images was an “attempt to attack and discredit women’s work”. She pledged to raise her voice for any women who have suffered from any form of “cyberbullying”. Finally, he pointed out that he would take legal action against the publication of the photos.

“Thank you all for always so much love and affection. Always remember to raise your voice and that no one ever turns us off. Together we are more aware,” he wrote in the letter.

Photo: Instagram/@angela_aguilar_

Pepe Aguilar responds to Ángela Aguilar’s statement

After the message shared by Angela Aguilarhis father, Pepe Aguilar and his brothers Leonardo and Aneliz, They expressed their full support by commenting on the post. Other celebrities also expressed their solidarity with the young singer of the Mexican regional group.

It turns out the “For A Few Coins” and “You Promise” singer sympathized with his daughter by commenting on heart and fist emojis. Next, aneliz aguilarSister of Ángela Aguilar, shared a purple heart in a show of support for the singer.

Next, Leonardo Aguilar wrote a message saying he will always be by Ángela Aguilar’s side and assuring them that they know the “truth”. He said his sister was an “example of a woman” and that he admired her too much because of it.

“Always with you. We all know the truth. She continues to be the example of a young, strong and successful woman who inspires so many people. You’re great, I admire you,” she said.

Photo: Instagram/@angela_aguilar_


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