Perplexed over Nikita Pelizon and Antonella Fiordelisis relationship Big Brother

Perplexed over Nikita Pelizon and Antonella Fiordelisi’s relationship Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

January 3, 2023

The friendship between Nikita and Antonella doesn’t convince several VIPs and they talk about it with the Campanian influencer, who emotionally defends their relationship

The acquaintance has been in between for a few weeks now Nikita and Onestini it became open hostility. The boy can no longer trust her and accuses her of being wrong.

The sudden close friendship with Antonella nourishes his doubts. They have never tolerated each other and now only confide in each other.

He says this to Antonella herself, who defends herself: “You can change your mind,” she says, adding that she will never speak badly of Nikita again.
“Because it suits you,” Onestini continues, convinced that they are allies because they are bound by common enemies.
“I take away what is good from people,” admits Antonella sincerely. She is a sensitive person and when she sees support in difficult times, she melts easily.

Onestini doesn’t believe her and claims she only wants an accomplice.
“It’s not friendship,” he adds Wilma, who has a noble conception of this relationship. Indeed, according to the singer, it is not easy to frame a person in a short time.

After Antonella leaves, Onestini keeps talking about Nikita. According to him, the girl plays a role. He pretends to side with women, but attacks them when the time comes.

“You can’t be friends overnight,” says Wilma, who doesn’t believe in the model’s good faith.

The friendship between the two VIPs raises a lot of suspicions and although the girls profess to be sincere, several tenants of the house do not believe them to be sincere. Are they really connected by authentic feelings or is it just a trivial convenience?