1664814743 Petra Cola athletes body and fairy face the green influencer

Petra Cola, athlete’s body and fairy face: the green influencer who prefers the climb at dawn to night

MESTRE – Petra Cola, the influencer with the green soul that only follows on instagram over 113,000 subscribers Thursday, October 6, 5:30 p.m VEZ City Library from Mestre presents his book published by Rizzoli and tells of his wonderful adventures, especially at high altitude.


Petra Cola athletes body and fairy face the green influencer

She is a positive example, a young woman who prefers tiredness and landscapes to staying up late in the clubs. Beautiful and athletic, she’s far from the influencer cliché, although she knows how to use social media to spread the values ​​she believes in, taking advantage of her athlete’s physicality and fairy face. It is also the demonstration of the power of social media in promoting a healthy, healthy and sporty lifestyle: their photographs show them surrounded by breathtaking landscapes or on top of the most beautiful peaks of the Dolomites. At Vez, Petra Cola will present the book in dialogue with journalist Michela Nicolussi Moro “The Silent Teacher”, where the history of the mountain coexists with considerations of the environment and sustainability. But it also informs about the wonderful places to reach, about the enchanting landscapes to spend a weekend and above all about how to protect the magic of our mountains and our seas. This meeting is the second appointment of the In_touch law promoted by the City of Venice Library Network: a program where the lead authors are often young names in national publishing.

Petra, 25, South Tyrolean from Bolzano, is also at home in Veneto, where she studied sciences and techniques of graphic and multimedia communication at the Iusve University in Verona and, above all, deepened her great passion for photography, which she skillfully with her adventures between of nature connects, often alone.

«I have always been in love with the mountains – says Petra Cola – for me the most valuable teacher since my childhood. Silent but always present, it taught me never to give up and to rely only on my strength, as well as to enjoy the landscape once I reached the top ». As an expert in high-altitude hikes, she expresses in her book her passions and the tricks she has refined over the years to move consciously and safely at height. Not only that: Petra Cola has included travel routes in the volume, excursions with her family, ways to break away from chaos and regenerate in nature.

“My mother – says Petra Cola – is a sports teacher, my brothers and I grew up with “bread and sport”. I have practiced many disciplines, athletics for many years. Growing up, I found that my interests were a little different than many of my peers: at the Saturday night disco, I preferred to be woken up at dawn for an outing in nature. My interests then mixed with those for photography in high school, a time when I was studying graphic arts. Reaching the summit on my legs, with sweat and effort, is an emotion I can’t feel in other contexts. But the beauty of the mountain is that it is accessible to everyone, everyone can reach the top at their own pace ».

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