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Petro invites nurses from Colombia to share ideas on reform

I want everyone to gather in front of hospitals and clinics in public squares to discuss how healthcare reform should look like, which would be their main wish, Petro expressed before calling for a collective dialogue to that end.

The ruler assured that this desire would undoubtedly be reflected in the draft law that the authorities are preparing in this regard. The Colombian government is preparing a health care reform with the aim that this basic service is not a commodity and reaches the entire population.

The initiative will undoubtedly spark national controversy because of a disagreement between far-right sectors and private companies that benefit from health problems.

In this scenario, the ruler called the Colombian people to dialogue in the streets to express their opinion, support or oppose this and other reform proposals of his government in order to keep the promised change in favor of the excluded.

Petro recently pointed out that the government’s proposed reforms have been discussed in the streets by social movements for years.

The proposed amendments, which will be presented to Congress in February, aim to transform the country, bring about social justice and address the accumulated social struggles in Colombia, the head of state stressed.

He assured that he has no doubts that they will have opponents in those who do not want these transformations, but the public square is also a place for discussion.