Philadelphia socks to complement Nikes Montreal Bagel

Philadelphia socks to complement Nike’s “Montreal Bagel”

Philadelphia Cheese Products announced on their social media that the new Philly Schmear” in a cream cheese look for the launch on Tuesday of the Dunk Low shoes “Montreal Bagels” by Nike.

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“A bagel is nothing without the smooth and creamy Philly. So we’re dropping Philly Schmear socks to complete your bagel-inspired ensemble,” her post reads.

As of Tuesday, January 17, the shoes honoring Montreal and its bagels are available for $160. Nike’s ‘Montreal Bagel’ Drunk Low has a beige and white sole, blue logo and a sesame pattern reminiscent of metropolitan buns.

Philadelphia socks to complement Nike's

On Friday, hundreds of people lined up outside Montreal’s downtown Off The Hook store hoping to get their hands on these shoes, which some are calling “iconic.”

Philadelphia will therefore be able to capitalize on the continued enthusiasm of Montreal consumers.

Philadelphia socks to complement Nike's

The release date and participating retailers for the cream cheese decorated socks will be announced shortly on Philadelphia’s Instagram, phillycreamchs.