PHOTOS Michelle Salas looks spectacular in a seductive black bikini

PHOTOS: Michelle Salas looks spectacular in a seductive black bikini

She is newly married and enjoying her eternity honeymoon next to his Husband Danilo Diaz. This is how everyday life goes Michelle Salas He spends his time enjoying the excursions that take him from one beach to another, from a cosmopolitan city to an even more famous city. This is how Michelle lives, who took advantage of this New Year eat dinner next to him Father Luis Miguel.

When she doesn't visit her father, Michelle ultimately chooses her mother. Stephanie Salas or her sister Camila Valero, to go on vacation. And their time is also limited because their success comes from their work. In the case of Camila has a soap opera recording and passed Holidays in December looks beautiful with one Dress only.

So Michelle Salas is ready for a perfect 2024. That's why she proves it by wearing the bikini that every woman can envy.

Michelle's figure is more athletic. Photo: FB Michelle Salas

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Michelle Salas wins in a black bikini

When it comes to wearing clothes that fit perfectly, this is it Michelle Salas lThe first thing that seems to confirm that no one looks like her on the beach. Sunsets are one of the moments that Great-granddaughter of Mrs. Silvia Pinal The more she enjoys it, the more she has become a true hunter of those minutes of the day.

So dressed sensually black bikini and her hair in the air, Michelle once again confused her followers on Instagram.

The black bikini suited her perfectly. Photo: FB Michelle Salas

And Camila celebrated her 27th birthday

With a spectacular red dress and a clear sign that sensuality comes with it, Camila Valero, sister of Michelle Salascelebrated his 27th birthday. Dressed in a stunning red dress And surrounded by many of her best friends, the actress broke the cake, blew out the candles and toasted another year as a happy woman.

Camila Valero was looking forward to her birthday. Photo: IG @_camilavalero


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