Piazza Pulita Formigli and Molinari attack FDI quotStill pappardellaquot

Piazza Pulita, Formigli and Molinari attack FDI: "Still pappardella"

Corrado Formigli to attack from Brothers of Italy. TO A clean swing We are talking about the war between the Republic and the Prime Minister. A one-sided war that only Repubblica speaks about and that emerges from an internal party note within the FdI recalling the recent attacks on the government and the party by the newspaper directed by Maurizio Molinari and owned by the Elkann family. Repubblica sparked a completely non-existent controversy that also ended up on Formigli's talk show. And so the moderator declared in his editorial: “Imagine that every morning hordes of parliamentarians from the Brothers of Italy read the tissue paper.” Fazzolari and has to repeat the same pappardella. “For years the parties have turned into barracks,” heavy words.

Formigli's was followed by that of the director of La Repubblica, Maurizio Molinari: “The job of journalists is to ask free questions, that of a head of government is to answer questions, even the uncomfortable ones.” It's a shame that Molinari forgets to mention the headline that he advocated and positioned at the beginning of the newspaper (“Italy to sell”), in which he accused the government of “selling” the country's most important assets. Nothing could be further from the truth. And so Molinari implicitly forgets that his publisher let this in Fiat in the French galaxy of Stellantis, which resulted in the brand losing all the Italian character that Giorgia Meloni proudly defended in the last Question Time in the Chamber.