Luana Piovani and Scoobys son vents after fight I dont

Piovani’s lawyer comments on Dom’s post: ‘Invalid access to networks’ Splash

Luana Piovani’s lawyer, Maria Cristina Câmara, wrote a text on social networks positioning herself and commenting on the post in which the actress’ eldest son, Dom, says he supports his father, Pedro Scooby, in a court proceedings.

Last Thursday, Piovani announced that her exhusband had filed a lawsuit against her and that the hearing would take place next week. The reason would be the revelation the actress made after she accused the surfer of failing to pay the alimony of the three children Dom, Liz and Bem.

Yesterday Dom, 10, took to Instagram Stories to comment on the disagreements between his parents. “I came to say something important. Mom, there’s no point in taking my dad’s sponsors away because some people might be on your side but your kids aren’t. Because we don’t accept lies,” he wrote.

On the subject, Piovani’s attorney wrote on Instagram: “For those who send me this article in a tone of glory, I limit myself to saying that this only reinforces my client’s genuine concern about seeing her children with full access to the phone .” .

“If such behavior did not exist, there would be no need for litigation! My client only wants to reconcile raising the children with all of this if they are also with their father. Children need love, but also boundaries, routine and rules,” Maria Cristina said.

The lawyer continued the text, saying that “the child is not of the minimum age allowed even to have an account on social networks”.

“How does it work when the two parents don’t agree on the format of raising their children? When the mother asks if she can give her 6yearold children an iPhone 14 and the father ‘hangs up’ and the mother says so .Don’t you run his house?” he asked.

This post is nothing but the result of abusive access to unsupervised social networks when they leave mom’s house and access their cell phones. Is this speech coming from a child? Maria Cristina Camara