Pique would have paid for his new girlfriends cosmetic treatment

Piqué would have paid for his new girlfriend’s cosmetic treatment after he was annoyed with her looks

Since End of marriage with Shakira, there are new controversies surrounding Gerard Piqué. This time it’s about the explayer’s alleged dissatisfaction with the performance of his new girlfriend. the student Clara Chia23 years old with which he would have cheated on the singer.

According to information released by Spanish journalist and paparazzi Jordi Martín, Piqué would have disrupted Clara’s performance. The former player wanted her to have bigger lips and would have decided to pay the young woman for an aesthetic procedure.

In addition to dissatisfaction with his girlfriend’s mouth, the journalist says, Piqué hired his new girlfriend for his own company and put her in a position “that even his colleagues don’t understand.”

Piqué and Clara have been together since August of last year. Sources close to the new couple told the Y Ahora Sonsoles program that their relationship “isn’t as ideal as they want people to believe.” The former player and the student, including already were seen in a public dispute in Spain.

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