Piques new girlfriend is irritated by the players posture and

Piqué’s new girlfriend is irritated by the player’s posture and demands equal treatment with Shakira

O Piqué and Clara Chía’s relationship is put through some tests. The last took place during the couple’s romantic trip to Paris. After the young woman was seen checking Shakira’s messages, it is now Clara requires the player to treat her the same way he treated his ex.

Because during the embarkation and disembarkation of the trip to France, some journalists approached the couple with questions about the controversial beginning of the relationship. occasionally, Piqué took the stance of walking away and ignoring reporters. sure, but left behind in the end and surrounded by journalists.

According to the Argentine TV show “Socios del Espectáculo” Clara was caught fighting Piqué after being left behind. the young woman urged Piqué to protect her from the paparazzi, just like he did with Shakira. It is worth remembering that once The player even threw eggs at photographers who harassed the Colombian singer and her children.

Shakira arranges meeting with ex after Piqué breakup

While Piqué embraced the new romance that Shakira’s love life is still in question. After news that the singer is having an affair with Iker Casillas, a former Piqué’s Selection teammate, comes to lightbe denied by the former player, now it looks like this Shakira decided to revisit the past.

According to the same program, Shakira and Antonio de La Rúa have reconnected and are close to reuniting. The two dated for 11 years and after the relationship ended, the singer struck up a romance with Piqué. But apparently The meeting will be strictly professional as Antonio is supposed to help the ex find a house in Miami, USA.

“Shakira and Antonio de la Rúa have reconnected through phone calls and are scheduled to meet later. She’s going through a very difficult time,” the program guaranteed.