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Pizza maker, pastry chef, pastry chef, ice cream maker and Alfajorero Worker's Day: Why it is celebrated every January 12th La Voz del Interior

2024 – GASTRONOMIC DAY. Pizza Maker, Pastry Chef, Confectioner, Ice Cream Maker and Pottery Worker Day is observed in commemoration of the date in 1946 that their union was founded.

On January 12, 78 years ago, the Union of Pastry Chefs, Confectioners, Ice Cream Makers, Pizza Makers and Alfajoreros (STPCHyA) was founded. According to 2022 data, this organization, which ensures the rights of its workers, is estimated to have more than 40,000 members.

Ephemeris.  Pizza maker, pastry chef, confectioner, ice cream maker and potter for Workers' Day.  (illustrative image)Ephemeris. Pizza maker, pastry chef, confectioner, ice cream maker and potter for Workers' Day. (illustrative image)

15 years after the death of Alejandro Sokol

15 years ago, on January 12, 2009, the Musician and composer Alejandro “Bocha” Sokol.

The singer died at the age of 48 in the city of Río Cuarto. He was the bassist of the rock band Sumo and later the singer of Las Pelotas. He is considered one of the most influential musicians in Argentine rock.

Alejandro Sokol

Alejandro Sokol, an artist who is missing. Alejandro Sokol, an artist who is missing.

More anniversaries

1628 – CHARLES PERRAULT. Paris-born French writer Charles Perrault became known for giving literary form to classic children's stories such as Thumbelina, Bluebeard, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, and Puss in Boots, and in some cases softening the crudeness of their oral versions.

Charles Perrault.  (Creative Commons)Charles Perrault. (Creative Commons)

1899 – SARMIENTO FRIGATE. The frigate Presidente Sarmiento undertakes its first training voyage for naval cadets. It was the longest voyage in her history: she moored in 71 ports around the world for more than 20 months. The ship, built in England, made 39 voyages around the world, covering a total of 1,100,000 nautical miles. Now located at Dock III in the Puerto Madero district of Buenos Aires, it has been converted into a museum.

Frigate Presidente Sarmiento.  (Courtesy of Marine Gazette)Frigate Presidente Sarmiento. (Courtesy of Marine Gazette)

1944 – CARLOS VILLAGRAN. Actor and comedian Carlos Villagrán Eslava, best known for his role as the boy Quico in the Mexican series El Chavo del 8, was born in Mexico City.

Carlos Villagrán as Quico.Carlos Villagrán as Quico.

1966 – BATMAN PREMIERE. The American television network ABC broadcasts the first episode of the Batman series, played by Adam West and with Burt Ward in the role of Robin, the superhero's companion. The series was broadcast in three seasons with a total of 120 episodes until 1968.

Adam West, the first Batman on the small screen.Adam West, the first Batman on the small screen.

1969 – LED ZEPPELIN. British hard rock band Led Zeppelin releases their first studio album, Led Zeppelin I, which contains songs such as “Good times, bad times” and “Your time is gonna come”. Rolling Stone magazine ranked it number 29 on its list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

1976 – AGATHA CHRISTIE. The writer and playwright Agatha Christie (Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller), a reference in the police genre, especially for the novels starring the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, dies at the age of 85 in the English town of Wallingford. She is one of the most read writers in the world. Under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott, she published 66 crime novels, six romance novels and fourteen short stories and also ventured into the theater with works such as “The Mousetrap” and “Witness for the Prosecution”.

Christie Agatha.Christie Agatha.

1984 – ARGENTINE NATIONAL TEAM. Under the technical direction of Carlos Salvador Bilardo, the Argentine team is playing on the Asian continent for the first time. It was the team's 1-0 win against Romania in the Nehru Cup game in the Indian city of Calcutta.

2010 – HAITI EARTHQUAKE. An earthquake with an epicenter 15 kilometers from Port-au-Prince shakes Haiti, killing about 316,000 people and injuring nearly 350,000. In addition, one and a half million residents were left homeless in one of the worst humanitarian disasters in history. The earthquake and its aftershocks were felt in neighboring countries such as the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Jamaica, where panic and preemptive evacuations occurred.


Other anniversaries

1807.- Part of the city of Leiden (Netherlands) is destroyed by the explosion of a ship loaded with gunpowder.

1909.- The Turkish government accepts the Austrian proposal to renounce its rights to Bosnia-Herzegovina in exchange for financial compensation.

1936.- The Spanish-Cuban aviator Antonio Menéndez Peláez takes off from Camagüey airport (Cuba) on a solo flight across the Atlantic to Seville, where he arrives on February 14th.

1981.- The first episode of the television series “Dynasty” is broadcast.

1988.- The world's first “test tube” quintuplets are born in Michigan (USA).

1995.- French President Francois Mitterrand inaugurates the largest music complex in Europe with an area of ​​50,000 square meters in Paris.

1998.- Nineteen European countries sign in Paris the Council of Europe Protocol banning human cloning, the first international legal text on the subject.

1999.- American singer Britney Spears releases her first album “…Baby One More Time”.

2005.- The United States announces the end of the search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

2006.- More than three hundred pilgrims die in an avalanche in Mecca.

2009.- The first transaction on the Bitcoin digital currency network is carried out.

2015.- Cuba completes the release of 53 political prisoners agreed with the USA.

2016.- An Islamic State (IS) suicide bomber kills ten German tourists near the Blue Mosque in Istanbul (Turkey).

2017.- The US ends the “Wet Foot/Dry Foot” policy for Cubans, which allowed them to obtain permanent residency one year after their arrival, even if they are illegal.


1746.- Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, Swiss educator.

1893.- Hermann Göring, Nazi leader and war criminal.

1907.- Sergei Korolyov, Ukrainian engineer, is considered the father of the Soviet space program.

1916.- Pieter Wilhelm Botha, former South African president.

1933.- Liliana Cavani, Italian film director.

1949.- Haruki Murakami, Japanese writer.

1964.- Jeff Bezos, American businessman, founder of Amazon.

1966.- Olivier Martinez, French actor.

1968.- Mauro da Silva Gomes, former Brazilian footballer.

1972.- Quique Dacosta, Spanish chef.

1993.- Zayn Malik, British singer.

1995.- Nathy Peluso, Argentine singer.

1998.- Nathan Gamble, American actor.


1963.- Ramón Gómez de la Serna, Spanish writer.

1991.- Vasco Pratolini, Italian writer.

2002.- Cyrus Vance, American politician.

2003.- Leopoldo Galtieri, former dictator of Argentina.

2004.- Olga Ladyzhenskaya, Russian mathematician.

2008.- Angel González, Spanish poet.

2009.- Claude Berri, French filmmaker.

2015.- Juan José López-Ibor Aliño, Spanish psychiatrist.

2017.- William Peter Blatty, American writer and screenwriter, author of “The Exorcist”.

2021.- Enrique Pineda Barnet, Cuban filmmaker.

2022.- Ronnie Spector, American singer, singer of the group The Ronettes.

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