Plant Elimination Survey Points and Warnings for Favorite TV

Plant Elimination Survey Points and Warnings for Favorite TV

Michel Nogueira is most likely to be eliminated from BBB 24 on Tuesday (5). The geography teacher, viewed as a plant by most Internet users, has a high rejection rate in the survey. TV news. However, the second most voted candidate could surprise the public: Davi Brito's preference is at risk, while Alane Dias is hardly at risk.

The Minas Gerais native collected 76.56% of the nearly 150,000 votes in the poll as of this writing. The Bahian, who has been leading the poll for weeks as to who should win the show, appears to have lost his favoritism shortly after Wanessa Camargo's expulsion.

Davi ranks second in the survey with 20.46% of decisions to leave prison. The woman from Pará was forgotten by the public on this wall and only collected 2.98% of the voting intentions.

In the UOL portal poll with more than 601,000 votes, the scenario suggests a similar result. Nogueira can be eliminated with a rejection rate of 59.66%. The app driver has even more votes, trailing the educator with 39.11%, while the dancer only has 1.23%.

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The polls are not scientific in nature and do not influence the official results of Gshow, but they do show a trend on the part of Big Brother Brasil viewers.

On the official website of Globo's reality show, two voting options are available to the public: Único, one per CPF, and Torcida, which allows joint efforts to vote as many times as they want. The final result that Tadeu Schmidt will publish this Tuesday (5) is based on an average of the two modalities.

Creation of the wall

Davi Brito was already in the spotlight before voting even began. The Bahian responded to Big Fone with an unpleasant message that sent him straight to the wall.

Giovanna Pitel, who won the angel chain and became immune, can also save someone from the election. The woman from Alagoas chose her partner Fernanda Bande to give her immunity.

This week's leader, Lucas Buda, sent Michel Nogueira straight into the spotlight. “Michel nominated me for the wall and I was a little angry with him. “I've already spoken about it, but he gave up the relationship we had to put me on the wall,” he argued.

The House voted for Alane Dias. To top it off, Davi even picked someone to counter and put in the spotlight. The Bahian chose Yasmin Brunet to face his first wall.

“I think Yasmin is a useless player. I don't think she moves in the game. When she moved, she wanted to put the whole house on Tá Com Nada,” he explained. However, the influencer got away with the Bate e Volta test.