1676694966 Players of the womens soccer team complain about the lack

Players of the women’s soccer team complain about the lack of support from the association

Players of the womens soccer team complain about the lack

It is not the first problem between the players and the federation, the case of Adriana Lúcar and Myrian Tristán being the most recent

A new Fifa date is controversial in women’s football and various teams can, however, organize preparatory test matches NO happened to Peruvian team. Because of this, the players raised their voices and complained about the lack of preparation and support from the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF). The women’s team is currently without a coach after the Doriva Bueno scandal and Conrad Flores’ interim position. Forward Alexandra Kimball was the player who led the protest.

What did the players say?

“From a player’s point of view, it’s very disappointing. When your rivals train and play together all year round and have a permanent coach. Our federation doesn’t invest seriously in women’s football. But do you expect us to prevail? Unacceptable,” he pointed out there Alexandra Kimbal, player who plays for North Carolina Courage in the USA. This position was supported by Marisella Joya, a former player who plays for Deportivo Municipal.

Another soccer player who manifested was Mia Schalit, Sacramento State goaltender, who pointed out that there is no equality between men’s and women’s teams. What the men under 17 and men under 20 receive separately equates to the total support that the entire women’s program receives from the FPF. In addition, he pointed out that they need more micro wheels and level practice games, among other things.

They also demonstrated together with them Claudia Cagnina, midfielder for Sandvikens IF in the Swedish league; Katarina Comesaña, Ariana Muñoz, Steffani Otiniano, Tammie Shalit and Alisson Azabache. They all lament the lack of support and ensure that while there are teams that play all year, they haven’t even been able to train in 2023. Besides, they insisted Each division must have its own coaching staff and not all in one, as was the case with Conrad Flores.